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Served Cold - Shorty Story Inspired by Sandi Thom Lyrics

Updated on December 6, 2011

Served Cold

Sian sat on a big armchair, her feet were up on the chair too, arms wrapped around her knees that were tucked up to her chest. The woman who was sat opposite from her, in a matching armchair, sat in a more orthodox fashion, with a pad on her lap and a pen in her right hand.

‘Do you feel ready to talk about the incident yet?’ She asked Sian.

‘Why do you call it that?’ Sian wondered. ‘Is that what you are told to call it at counsellor school? At the very least it should be incidents, not incident.’

‘What do you think we should call it?’

‘Assault, he assaulted me several times. I would say we should precede it with words like, brutal, savage and sickening.’

‘And how did it make you feel at the time? How does it make you feel now?’

‘Are they really the questions you are taught to use, after years of expensive training?’

‘I could try and trick you into talking about it, but I don’t want to do that, I’d rather you talked about it because you wanted to, not because I manipulated you into doing so.’

Sian closed her eyes for a few moments, and ran one hand through her shoulder length hair. After letting out a slow sigh and opening her eyes, Sian replied. ‘It made me feel like I was a useless piece of trash, that I was completely inferior to him and that I deserved to be treated that way.’

‘Believe me, they are all common feelings in that situation,’ she tried in vain to make eye contact. ‘How about now.’

‘Now I can’t believe how pathetic I was, can’t believe I let him do that to me for so long and that it wasn’t even me that stopped it. If a neighbour hadn’t called the cops then I’d probably still be getting beaten right now.’

‘Everybody always says they can’t believe a woman stays with a man that beats her, what they’ll never fully comprehend is just how much easier said than done it is to leave someone in that situation. How do you feel about his sentence?’

‘He deserves far more than eight years, I have to keep believing he’ll get the punishment he deserves,’ Sian made eye contact for the first time in the conversation.

‘Along the lines of eternal torture in hell?’

‘Something like that yeah.’

He came home in the early hours of the morning, having spent the last few hours in a bar. Surprised and unnerved to find the door to his one bedroom flat already open, he walked in tentatively. After taking a few steps a light was switched on and he could see Sian standing just a few feet away from him.

‘Hey, honey, so glad you’re home,’ Sian said.

‘How the hell did you find me?’

‘That’s not really the point,’ Sian said as she stared at him.

‘Glad you’re here actually,’ he started to speak with that evil arrogance that was sickeningly familiar to Sian. ‘I really could do with letting off some steam tonight, and you’re useful for that on both counts.’

‘Not going to happen,’ Sian said, matching his confidence.

‘You got cops here or something?’

‘No, just little old me.’

‘That’s incredible stupid of you.’

‘We’ll see,’ Sian said with a smile as he walked towards her.

He went to punch her with his right hand, Sian blocked it nonchalantly with her left, instinctively he tried the same with his left hand, and again she knocked it away with dismissive ease, this time with her right hand. The with blurry hand speed Sian landed a punch on his chest with her left and on his mouth with her right hand, causing him to stagger backwards as his head snapped back. A powerful kick between his legs caused him to gasp in pain and bend over, then a spinning kick to the head made him to crash to the floor. He looked up at her, blood coming from his mouth and a look of great surprise on his face.

‘Whilst any sane person would say that eight years was nowhere near a long enough sentence for you, it is still a long time,’ Sian said as she stood over him. ‘Long enough for many classes in self defence, karate, jujitsu, kung fu and kick boxing. Both my jujitsu and kick bowing coaches have said I’m more than good enough to turn professional.’

‘So you’re here to kill me?’ He said as he slowly began to crawl backwards away from her.

‘After being subjected to over a year of brutal assaults, horrible domineering, making me feel like a worthless human being, destroying my self esteem and my soul? Of course I’m here to kill you,’ Sian replied as she looked down at him, then smiled as she walked over to the door and locked it from the inside. ‘But first I’m going to make sure you experience several hours of pain, pain that you never thought possible.’

Sian was in the airport lounge, waiting for her flight. From behind her she heard a voice. ‘Stand up slowly, turn around and put your hands on her head Ma’am,’ a police officer said to her.

Sian followed the instructions. ‘Wow, two cops with guns pointed at me, I guess I’ve earned myself a reputation.’

‘We’re here to arrest you for the murder of your ex-husband.’

‘Figured it wasn’t for an unpaid parking ticket.’

‘My colleague is going to handcuff you now, if you try anything I will shoot you.’

‘Don’t worry, I only beat guys up who are wife beating scum,’ Sian replied as the police officer grabbed her hands and put them behind her back then into the handcuffs. ‘What will my sentence be? I’ve heard eight years is the going rate.’

‘Big difference is that you killed him Ma’am,’ the officer pointing the gun at her said.

‘He killed me first.’


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    • Lupine Rob profile image

      Lupine Rob 6 years ago from Warrington, England

      Thank you Hendrik!

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      HendrikDB 6 years ago

      Interesting!Good twist.