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Sestina view of Hawai'i

Updated on August 7, 2014

The Progress of Descent

Sestina to the World’s Greed

At a glance it is gold, but all things are meaningless

All desires are shallow, swallowed by the man behind you

Taken or stolen, covet or tricked, all things are but dust, as we are mist

Shines are lackluster as wealth rots, gain rots, desires will rot

We are evil to cause things to fade from beauty

This world was beautiful, but we dragged it down to the abyss

Dragged down, the beauty taken to the abyss

By my lust, my greed, my ambition, that I soon find meaningless

Fellowship, brotherhood, mirrors and smoke between me and you

My dreams, my shadows, darkness soon ensnare beauty

Let’s watch all things fade, watch as my dreams rot

To disappear, slowly as it is swallowed like a mist

All emotions, all desires, all are fickle as a mist

Doomed to be destined in the mouth of the abyss

It sucks in what was good, all that was beauty

We stare into the precious good and find it meaningless

I don’t need any help, yet let us tear virtue from you

And reminds us the memory of Cain, as Abel rots

Purity, in essence and soul we let rot

To justify desires, though proven meaningless

We sacrifice virtue to fade in the abyss

And watch justice fly like the mist

The ground of lust, of greed, of ambition is beauty

It shatters and coils beneath you

Not you, no the gain from you

Ransack glory, our body to rot

As Abel fades close to the arms of meaningless

Close to the desire of our master, The Abyss

He shows us the light, the dark and the mist

He shows are fickle failure, our ravishing of beauty

You know that you wanted beauty

I wanted it to; so I tried to steal it from you

But I found that beauty will soon rot

So I throw it to the air, with my virtue in the mist

My offering to Cain, my master the Abyss

And find that all things are meaningless

The Abyss that grows in me, in you

Shows the meaningless of our beauty

So watch it fade to the mist, let us watch it rot

Trust in mistakes

A Pantoum of Faith

The guilt of my past, how can I even stand

I can barely look you in the eye

the list of my crimes are an endless, ensnaring strand

My conscious weighs down ‘till I fall to die

Yet I try to look into your eye

To see the promise of endless grace

That my conscious takes back its vengeance to die

That I may find in you one taste

To see the promise of endless grace

Though still I find myself unworthy

To even speak of just one taste

How can I ask, with such a heart so dirty

Yet even with a life unworthy

A voice calls in gentle assurance

That though my heart is found so dirty

You call me over, to stand in confidence

As you call in gentle assurance

My heart attacks with referenced crime

Still you call for me to stand, with confidence

The promise of washing of my grime

My heart reminds me of my crime

But I will trust in your desire

To wash away all my grime

To be what you inspired

I will trust in you desire

To know the mercy freely gave

I will be what you inspired

As you lift me, yes you, from my sentenced grave

So this is Honolulu

Simply walking and the gust is not just a gust

It breathes, it whispers, it cleanses, it caresses

Everywhere you look, mountains and roads and seashore

A photograph, a simple shot, postcard are pinned up on every side

I’ve been to LA, NYC, DC

The jungle of concrete has no comparison to the jungles of green

Fresh breeze across a fresh scene

Mounds of riches, richness dotted by tears

Tears of joy, tears of lost

Tears that stream down an eternal face

Gathered to the open waters, a pathway blue to green

Or red, or brown, or blue, depending on the house you will visit

Yet they all share the same roof, plastered with comfort of pillows

We stare up to the clouds, the heavens, rinsed and painted by the timely hands of the gale

By since you are by the shore, we must race to Ka kaako

Before those timely hands pull the veil

And reveal the journey of Hokuleia

Journeying through a sea of stars


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