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Sex in September

Updated on September 14, 2011
Shades of September
Shades of September | Source

Seduce me in September

Make it a sexy month to remember

The ninth one as in pregnancy

We'll marry, love you to carry my legacy

I get my children ready for school

This was time when kids went back cool

I'm there for you going into Labor

Til then, my name known by neighbors

Orgasms colorful as leaves falling

Autumn, mating season is calling

A sweet lover to help me close summer

Its so righteous, I moan like a hummer

On the 13th, I celebrate my birthday

I crave your temple, many miles away

Couldn't wait for you to come in town

Pleasure party had to go down

Here, let me take your bag

Relax you from all the jet lag

Soon as we checked in our hotel room

Kisses are flowers with purpose to bloom

Clothes were gift paper, UNWRAPPED

Soft skin on fingertips SNAPPED

Your curvy frame of balloons POPPED

Music kept playing, I never STOPPED

We on each other like layers of CAKE

Icing enticing, while we shook to BAKE

Slowly, I ease in and out a hot CANDLE

The mood is just right for us to HANDLE

I closed eyes very tight to grant a WISH

for our bond to grow stronger, not SELFISH

Grown folks' passion, what age, oh my

Legal enough to do things without a try

I'm a Virgo, I enjoy how you persuade me

God bless me, after you serenade me

From the start, you've been with me straight

Because of you, I'm stimulated to be 28

©2011, Alphonso Taylor. All rights reserved. No republication of this material in any form or medium is permitted without expressed permission of the author.


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    • Alphonso Taylor profile image

      Alphonso Taylor 6 years ago from Washington, DC

      Thank you, pr0phet! I SEPTLY appreciate it.

    • pr0phet profile image

      pr0phet 6 years ago from South Africa

      Wow I love this piece. Genius!