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Sex on Klouds

Updated on August 10, 2017

Sex on Klouds

I stop to stare at all these people who breathe more than just plain air.
I always wonder, does it matter that I'm there.
Did they even sense my presence, hence i spoke in past tense so since I had to ask
I guess all I ever saw was a mask. ..I only gave my love cause a thought from up above,
a call from my truest self said "never let them down as guardian of these waters you can never let them drown"... They walk down these old cold streets just to end up in some broken persons sheets...
No love , No Glove ,
Just self hate
Sated by lustful rage
They try and fuck the pain away for days till only night remains.

Death watching closely as they whisper to a stranger "hold me".
If the reaper has eyes even he would cry and take no delight from such a sight of creature lost to night...

© 2017 Malik Sierra


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