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Sexiest Superheroines Explained

Updated on August 16, 2014
Sexy superheroines
Sexy superheroines | Source

When researching superheroes for a previous article, I came across a lot of things on superheroines. There were hottest superheroine lists, sexy superheroine costumes, erotic heroine websites and superheroine pictures all over the place. This got me thinking about all the rankings of “the most beautiful superheroines”. There were even a few here on hubpages. What makes a superheroine sexier? Why is Witchblade prettier than Batwoman. Let’s face it, most of these women were drawn with teenage boys who can’t buy a playboy magazine in mind. So how is it that people are able to rank women who are designed to be attractive to men? Of course, any list dealing with preferences is going to be subjective in nature. Here I attempt to interpret why certain heroines are more alluring.

To accomplish my task I looked up 12 different lists that attempted to rank superheroines. They were titled under heading such as 10 most beautiful superheroines, hottest comic book woman or the sexiest women in comics. These lists included heroines and villainesses. I then counted how many times the heroines appeared on these lists. I also took special note of when these women appeared in the top 5 positions. The following are the results and my interpretations based on them.

1. Wonder Woman

She is probably the most known female superhero out in the market, that is not attached to a male counterpart. Although she never took the number one spot in any of the lists, she did make all but one and was usually in the top 5.

People are comfortable with what they know and we all know Wonder Woman. It is easy to picture this Amazonian woman in a variety of her costumes over the years. She can pull off whatever she is wearing from her original skirt, the Depend bottoms of the 70s television show, the thankfully short-lived biker shorts, or the one piece most people recognize her in. Her long legs and ample chest have continually drawn men’s attention making them happy to be captured in her Lasso of Truth.

You can read more about Wonder Woman and her costume history by clicking on the following link Wonder Woman Costume History.

Wonder Woman / Lynda Carter
Wonder Woman / Lynda Carter

2. Power Girl

Power Girl tied with Wonder Woman in the number of times she was listed but came in the top 5 far less. This is why she gets the number two spot.

This Kryptonian far surpassed Supergirl on our list. It does not take a lot of guesswork to figure out why. Her costume opens at her chest, accentuating her huge bosom. Power Girl may have the largest bust of any superheroine in the DC Universe. I would not be surprised if they equalled 25% of her entire body mass and they seem to be getting bigger with each new artist.

You can read more about Power Girl and her costume history by clicking on the following link Power Girl Costume History.

Power Girl / Cosplay Model
Power Girl / Cosplay Model

3. Emma Frost

Emma Frost was in all but two of the heroine lists and she almost always ranked in the top 5 if not 3.

As a mutant telepath she has worked her way into the pants and minds of many comic readers. She started out as a powerful enemy of the X-men, who’s costume looked like something out of Playboy Magazine or a Victoria Secret Catalogue. Now she is a vital member of their team and her costume has been toned down so that it would only be from a Victoria Secret Catalogue.

You can read more about Emma Frost and her costume history by clicking on the following link Emma Frost Costume History.

Emma Frost / January Jones
Emma Frost / January Jones

4. Storm

There was a tie for 4th place and both spots went to an X-Woman. Storm usually appeared slightly higher on the lists than her teammate Rogue. However, neither made the top 5 spot very often.

With Storm’s control over the weather, she could blow away the competition. (Yes, I will be using bad puns whenever possible.) Maybe it is her thigh high boots or luxurious hair that won her this spot. It could also have been being portrayed by Halle Berry in the movies, who herself is usually ranked in the 100 hottest women in Hollywood. Whatever the reason, it is nice to have a heroine who is not white. Our list looks like the Republican Party and that’s including the blue Michael Steele muppet used on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

You can read more about Storm and her costume history by clicking on the following link Storm Costume History

Storm / Halle Berry
Storm / Halle Berry

4. Rogue

Rogue was in every list that Storm made. Sadly she was almost always below Storm and more often than not near the bottom of the rankings.

Like many heroes, Rogue is covered in full-body spandex but unlike most heroines her costume does serve a purpose. She is covered so that she does not make skin contact with somebody and accidentally steal their powers and psyche. Of course being covered does not stop her extremely tight outfit from showing off all of her womanly curves. Although she often takes off her gloves to steal her victim’s powers, her lips can be the only things available on short notice. Hmmmmm??? I think her powers got her on this list.

You can read more about Rogue and her costume history by clicking on the following link Rogue Costume History.

Rogue / Cosplay Model
Rogue / Cosplay Model

5. Catwoman

Yet again we find ourselves with a tie. I find it fascinating that it was a toss up between two women who dress up in catsuits. Catwoman made it onto one more list than her Marvel Comics competitor, which is why she is listed first, but Black Cat tended to rank higher when they both made the same list, so I could not give Catwoman the clear victory.

Let’s pretend the full body leather catsuit, high heels and whip was not meant to fulfill some dominatrix fantasy and was simply an honest mistake in trying to make a cat burglar’s costume pop off the page. Makes sense. This costume was still able to grab teenage boys’ attentions and the Comic Code Authority. She was pulled from Batman comics from 1954 to 1966, because of the C.C.A.’s rule concerning the portrayal of women in comics.

Her presence in television and movies has also helped popularize her.
Julie Newmar (Batman T.V. Series 1966) First actress to bring Catwoman into “purrrr-fect” flesh
Michelle Pfeiffer (Batman Returns 1992) Back to her leather, whip wielding self.
Halle Berry (Catwoman 2005) We forgive you.
Anne Hathaway: (The Dark Knight Rises 2012) Nolan Directs and we follow.

You can read more about Catwoman and her costume history by clicking on the following link Catwoman Costume History.

Catwoman / Julie Newmar
Catwoman / Julie Newmar

5. Black Cat

She may not have made as many lists as Catwoman but she usually ranked higher and when the list was not filled with mainstream characters, who everybody has heard of, she slaughtered her opponent.

I guess it should not be surprising that Black Cat and Catwoman were tied. Black Cat was Marvel’s answer to their DC rival. Their similarities are blatantly clear. Both of these femme fatales wear cat suits and happen to be cat burgalars, who are always walking the line between hero and villain. They both are in love/infatuated with their enemy and for some reason, this leads to lots of panels where they passionately embrace their lovers.

Fans think Spider-man is the luckier man for catching the Black Cat. Looks like her costume opening up at the top and exposing more skin wins out over a tight full body suit. Don’t worry, Catwoman’s most recent costume is addressing this problem.

You can read more about Black Cat and her costume history by clicking on the following link Black Cat Costume History

Black Cat / Cosplay Model
Black Cat / Cosplay Model

6. Elektra

Despite never making it into the top 5, Elekra was the only woman to appear in 8 of the 12 lists. Thus she has secured her spot as the 6th sexiest superheroine.

Being a violent mercenary may cause problems for her romance with Daredevil but it doesn’t stop fans from loving her. She does not wear much in terms of clothing. This is completely for functionality. An assassin is going to want to minimize things that may interfere with their movements or give enemies something to grab onto. All the strands of fabric blowing around are just used to confuse her enemies into wondering what body part might be exposed...I mean confuse enemies on her next attack move.

You can read more about Elektra and her costume history by clicking on the following link Elektra Costume History

Elektra / Jennifer Garner
Elektra / Jennifer Garner

7. Phoenix

Phoenix claiming the number 7 spot could be debated. She could have been higher on the list or not on it at all. As the writer of this article I had to make an executive decision and figure out where to place her. Phoenix did make several of the lists but Jean Grey also made it a couple of times. However, in all but one of the times Jean Grey was listed, a picture of the Dark Phoenix was used as her representation.

With this we must look beyond the character’s physical appearance. How is it that Phoenix and Marvel Girl can be the same person and yet one rank so much higher than the other? For this we must look into the human psyche. The theory goes that women want to tame the bad boy, while men want to turn a good girl bad. Here we have a superhero (Marvel Girl) that turns into a super villain (Dark Phoenix). There is also something attractive about a strong woman. As Marvel Girl, Jean Grey was the weakest member of the X-men. As Phoenix, she was able to wipe out life in an entire solar system.

You can read more about Jean Grey and her costume history by clicking on the following link Jean Grey Costume History

Phoenix / Cosplay Model
Phoenix / Cosplay Model

8. Mystique

Mystique beat out the competition to take the 8th spot, not by number of appearance but for the number of times she was able to make the top 5.

This shape shifting X-Men antagonist has been making the top supervillain list for a while. She did not start showing up as a hottest comic book character until the X-Men movies came out. Although she could change into any form her male or female targets desired, her naturally blue skin and yellow eyes were probably a turn off. Have Rebecca Romijin(-Stamos) play her practically naked and covered in blue body paint and you have an instant hottie.

You can read more about Mystique and her costume history by clicking on the following link Mystique Costume History

Mystique / Rebecca Romijin (Stamos)
Mystique / Rebecca Romijin (Stamos)

9. Black Widow

At number 9 we have Black Widow. She made the same number of lists as Mystique but was only able to capture the top 5 spot once.

Black Widow started out as a Russian spy but soon defects and joins the Avengers. Although her loyalties have changed over the years, she proves once again that comic book readers love a woman in a skintight black costume. Put Scarlett Johansson in that outfit and they get even more excited.

You can read more about Black Widow and her costume history by clicking on the following link Black Widow Costume History

Black Widow / Scarlett Johansson
Black Widow / Scarlett Johansson

10. Supergirl

Supergirl takes the last spot on our list. Don’t let her 10th place fool you. She easily secured this spot from the other finalist to be the bigger bombshell.

As the cousin of Superman, it is no surprise she has a body of steal and makes boys want x-ray visions. (I warned you about my puns.) Supergirl dresses very similar to her famous cousin. This is to make sure we know they are related. Her costume has changed over the years but for the most part there are a few key elements that remain the same. Like her cousin she wears a tight blue suit that reveals every part of her body. For superman it is his rippling muscles, for Supergirl it is her enlarged curves. For some reason she likes to keep her arms covered but legs exposed by wearing a mini skirt and boots. Her big cousin should warn her that skirts are not the best things to wear while flying. Of course he does fly around with his underwear on the outside of his costume. The biggest change to her costume usually is how much midriff she is showing.

You can read more about Supergirl and her costume history by clicking on the following link Supergirl Costume History.

Helen Slater / Supergirl
Helen Slater / Supergirl

Who do you think is the Sexiest Superhero?

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Runners Up

These women were unable to make more than 5 lists, but all were listed at least twice.

She Hulk: Thank goodness when Jennifer Walters was transformed into She-Hulk, she became a well endowed bodybuilder instead of a mutated freak like Bruce Banner does when he turns into the Hulk. It is nice of readers to look past her green skin condition.

Starfire: It is a good thing she has extremely long hair, because it is able to cover up more or her than the costume.

Poison Ivy: A woman who covers herself with leaves and kisses men to have them do her evil desires. This feels old school biblical.

Psylocke: Wearing a thong and exposing more cheek than any other heroine almost got her ranked.

Black Canary: Dressing like a hooker was not able to get her into the top 10.

Vampirella: As a vampire who can tolerate the sun, there is no surprise that she would walk around in a bathing suite to flaunt it.

Zatanna: As a lovely magician she needs to be dressed for the part, even when she is not performing.

Batgirl: Makes you wonder why so many beautiful heroines are just female versions of their male counterparts.

Huntress: Not sure what she was going for. It appears trying to combine the sleekness of Catwoman and the gadgets of Batman, just ends up being awkward.

Ms. Marvel: Marvel’s answer to Power Girl’s cup size. They fully covered them up, so she couldn’t compete.

Invisible Woman: This fantastic mother cut out a 4 in her uniform so her chest could be more visible. Didn’t work.

Harley Quinn: Proving that psychotic clowns don’t have to be scary.

Scarlet Witch: Witch or exotic dancer. Not sure she knows. At least she sticks with the red theme.

Silk Spectre: Decided to dress up more like a pinup girl than a superhero in order to separate herself from the boys.

She Hulk Costume
She Hulk Costume | Source
Starfire Costume
Starfire Costume | Source
Poison Ivy Costume
Poison Ivy Costume | Source
Psylocke Costume
Psylocke Costume | Source
Black Canary Costume
Black Canary Costume | Source
Vampirella Costume
Vampirella Costume
Zatanna Costume
Zatanna Costume
Batgirl Costume
Batgirl Costume | Source
Huntress Costume
Huntress Costume | Source
Ms. Marvel Costume
Ms. Marvel Costume | Source
Invisible Woman Costume
Invisible Woman Costume | Source
Harley Quinn Costume
Harley Quinn Costume
Scarlet Witch Costume
Scarlet Witch Costume | Source
Silk Spectre II Costume
Silk Spectre II Costume | Source

Image Sources

Google Images (Images appeared on several sites and was unsure of original)


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    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      5 weeks ago from London England


    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      13 months ago from London England

      Wonder Woman forever.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      13 months ago from London England

      The Wonder Woman saga still prevails to this day.

    • zaton profile image


      2 years ago from California

      I actually had quite the teenage love-affair with Power girl - believe it or not lol. Then I grew up and conquered my biology lol.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      2 years ago from London England

      Not to mention those high heeled stiletto shoes for maximum impact when performing a 'spin kick'.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      2 years ago from London England

      Whilst all the super heroines are a good entertaining form of escapism or diversion from reality i'm still partial to the appeal of alluring Chinese ladies garbed in their colourful 'cheong sam', their glossy black 'beehive' hairstyle dispensing kung fu on troublesom males. Particularly good when one deals effectively with multiple adversaries.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      2 years ago from London England

      Further to my previous posting on super heroines i managed to mention the majority of the 1960's /70's ladies but omitted 'Jet Dream and her stunt girl counterspies' which was a short lived comic strip series appearing at the peak of the James Bond craze. So glad to see the Peggy Carter T.V. series in it's third season now. More to follow.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      3 years ago from London England

      I've held a strong affinity for Wonder Woman since around the age of 10 or 11 from reading of her exploits in the original comic strip form. Not to say there weren't other superheroes but they were male. Yet W.W. had a quite long run until along came the others in comics, film, T.V. and paperbacks. Modesty Blaise was quite possibly the next one, along with Honey West, Cleopatra Jones, Madame Kung Fu to name just a few till eventually Lara Croft arriving on the scene. But i always go back to the Wonder Woman saga.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      3 years ago from London England

      Oh! The exotic diva Eartha Kitt quite convincingly also portrayed Catwoman in a Batman T.V. series.

    • Jedi Reach profile image

      Jedi Reach 

      3 years ago from Earth

      I love Power Girl, especially that Power Girl cosplay model.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      3 years ago from London England

      I imagine Vampirella is so garbed so as to snare her victims catching them offguard.

    • Taranwanderer profile image


      3 years ago

      Power Girl and Storm do it for me - but a boy can't really go wrong with any of these hotties lol. Well; except for maybe Mystique - the blue skin is a bit of a turn-off, so to speak. Great work!

    • profile image

      Andreas Krauß 

      4 years ago

      I picked "Other". For my pick would the Invisble Woman, but only as she was depicted during Claremont's FF run.

      I mean, those "power-boobs" were HOT! I don't liked it in Power Girl, because she's a jerk, a brute and an attention whore; but I certainly liked it in Susan Storm.

      But then again, Susan Storm is a Fine Dame. Power Girl most definitely isn't.

    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thanks for commenting.

      Rather than make my own list, I just compiled a bunch of list and figured out a geeky math formula. The commentary was for comedic purposes, so the article would stand out form the rest of the list out there.

      I agree that Wonder Woman being the most well known is probably why the math worked out for her to be on the top of the list. I also think Silk Spectre would not have been so high, if not for the movie.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I find it odd that you listed attributes such as blue or green skin as a turn off. Guys usually find an exotic skin color really more enhances a superheroine's sex appeal than not.

      I'm not sure I agree with Wonder Woman having the top spot. Sure she should be on this list, but I think her prevalence on such lists has less to do her sexy-ness as it has to do with her being one of the most, if not the most, well-known superheroines.

    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Nice!. Thanks for commenting.

    • superherojames profile image

      James Horsham 

      5 years ago from Manchester, UK

      Phoooaar. Rogue for me, gotta love that two-toned hair.

    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting.

    • redfive profile image

      Levy Tate 

      5 years ago from California, USA

      Great hub, pal. Thanks for writing this. Voted up!

    • starlightreflex profile image

      Doug DeWalt 

      5 years ago from Ohio USA

      Invisible woman being sexy is a shame, that superpower should have been bestowed to any number of the women of Wal-Mart

    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I was also surprised to only find her on one of the lists I used. I added a costume history article for her, because I am a huge Spider-Man fan.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      What about Spider-Woman?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Caitlin Fairchild

    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Glad you liked it. Thank you for taking the time to comment. There are so many of these list out there that it was fun to take a new approach.

    • chopsooy profile image


      6 years ago from China

      I think you're a right about Storm...the fact that Halle Berry does an awesome job in that role kind of rockets her right up the list. The same going for Elektra and Jennifer Garner. Cool Article!

    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago


    • profile image


      6 years ago



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