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Sexploits of the Modern Era

Updated on March 4, 2012
Attending a lecture
Attending a lecture

‘Sexploits in the Modern Era’

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

What is it about sex? Single-handedly it can remove all common sense and practicality from otherwise intelligent human beings? Is it our primordial programming to procreate? Perhaps we are overwhelmed by modern life. Perhaps our insecurities need constant and vigilant placation to quell the ejaculate-like gushing of our need to feel attractive, wanted and loved?

In a world of high-tech, fast-paced, ultra-competition, it is not the dollar alone that motivates mere mortals. It is the need for sex, that euphoric act and ultimate explosion that momentarily releases us from the stresses and angst of our physical existence. Our well-ordered lives: our corporate training, time management and problem solving skills have little affect when faced with a well-rounded buttock, bursting cleavage or the velvet-soft swell of a flower begging to be plucked.

We men, for all our egos, our hunting prowess, achievements and amassed wealth, are but children in a candy shop when faced with the allure of sex. The mind slowly dissipates and all thoughts akin to intellect fall away, helpless amidst a barrage of hormonal yeaning. Our brains now reside in an organ completely bereft of grey matter. Yet this is what we do, carelessly and with all sense abandoned, pursue sex. Single, married, old, young- it doesn’t matter. ‘Pussy, is on a pedestal’, and always has been. We just can’t help it...nothing personal.

Joel and Zoe

“Shit!” I rolled, and with eyes squinted like an oriental, blindly reached out and slammed the alarm button, sending the clock to the floor with a splintering shatter.

“Great, another damned alarm clock,” I slurred.

Pulling myself to a sitting position, my bare feet on the cool tiles, I all but crushed the boner that had kept the sheet from my body for most of the morning. Languidly I wandered to the toilet to somehow insert my swollen friend into the target area without giving myself an unwanted shower. Done, I stood up and with a yawn, instinctively turned on the shower taps, hoping the temperature was about right; not too hot to scald, not to cold to reduce my manhood to a shrivelled knob.

It was warm and it felt good, too good. Looking down, it looked back at me, its one eye expressionless, yet imparting the wisdom of a multitude of like scenarios. I knew it was the only way. Zoe from 2b was unlikely to step into my shower right now and bend over, so I guess it was up to me.

I groaned as I worked in the soap, my head tilted up and slightly to the side. Zoe’s sweet luscious breasts were taunting me. Her nipples were dark and hard, and crinkled like amassed goose bumps, until at the centre the nipple stretched out, erect and pleading. That so turned me on. They were so engorged from excitement they would burst if I didn’t take each one into my mouth and soothe their frenzied state.

I imaged her with me, her bronzed skin fine and satin-like, against me, soap and streams of water running down her luscious breasts and stomach like rivulets until at the forest below they converged into a cascade. I slid down to the floor running my fingers down her taut, smooth belly until I knelt before the ripe fruit of her voluptuous vagina. With two hands I parted the plump folds revealing the silken pink sanctum and began to massage it gently with my tongue. Around and around that bead of swelling flesh I danced, and she began to groan rapturously.

Just then and taken by surprise, from the depths of me rose a white river, pulsing spasmodically and rushing toward the surface. I had only seconds to immerse myself in the ecstasy of it as it raced over my body, tingling, quivering then squirting forth in several forays. I grabbed myself hard in a vain attempt to prolong it and then to evacuate every last drop. Then, silence and an all consuming peace prevailed.

I found myself alone, slightly light-headed and spent. Suddenly I was aware of the warm water again and I let it saturate my face, cognizance once again returning reality.

“I really need to get laid”, I mouthed.

My first lecture was at ten, so I had time to breakfast and to get my shit together.

I wasn’t always disorganised, but Zoe had been on my mind a lot lately and study seemed a poor substitute. But, going through the motions I did what I had to and was about to leave when I was accosted at the door by Darren Blake, one of my dorm buddies.

“Hey Joel, you heard about that party tonight, that friend of Jeff’s, you know, the Law grad?”

“Jesus Darren, don’t you ever study?”

“Not with all that pussy out there, are you crazy?”

“Well my olds don’t think I’m crazy. But if I don’t get at least one honour’s pass this semester, I’m stuffed.”

Darren grabbed me gently by the arm and looked squarely into my eyes. “I reckon Zoe might be there, everyone knows about this gig.”

“Well I guess...for awhile...”

Just then a hall door squeaked open and there stood Zoe in all her glory, struggling to lock her door while balancing an arm full of books. She was gorgeous: long blonde hair, slim, sensuous hips and a rack that sent guys drooling and weak at the knees.

Zoe clicked the door locked, looked up and with a warm smile said...”Hi Joel, you got a class this morning?”

I stood there dumbfounded, tongue-tied. Then as if with no other response possible, I nodded like a retard, my expression blank and no doubt strangely inappropriate.

Zoe’s grin broadened. “See ya then,” she said as she whirled around and disappeared down the hallway.

“I’d like to tap that,” said Darren, making an ‘o’ sound with his lips as he watched the crease in Zoe’s arse sway back and forth as she walked away.

Pissed off, and with nothing left to say, I left for class.

“Pick you up at ten, OK?” Darren shouted.

I reluctantly raised my arm in response, but didn’t turn around.

Psych 1 was filled to the rafters being the beginning of the semester, and Professor Steel was his jovial best, not yet having been tainted by clambering, ignorant students, muscling in to find out what the fuck he was talking about.

To my left, two seats away, was Penny Gibbons, a really hot redhead that I’d had the privilege to buddy up with for last semesters English Lit assignment. She was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the experience, but she didn’t seem interested in me per say. She ended up hooking up with one of the final year architecture students.

Penny had curves in all the right places and she wore a scent that used to drive me crazy. Darren, told me never endingly to bang the living daylights out of her and that she’d love it. All I had to do was make a move. But I just couldn’t see it like Darren and never had the guts to do anything. She is hot though, and I still get sweaty just thinking about her.

Two rows in front of me was Louise Templeton, one of the honours students with top grades since primary school. For all her expected intellectuality and prim and properness she had the reputation of being a real goer, which seemed highly unlikely to me. Her matron-like appearance just seemed too right to be a cover. But what do I know?

Darren suddenly slid surreptitiously across my bench, right up to me. “Guess what?” he whispered.

“You don’t take Psych.”

“Is that what this is?”

He looked me in the eye. “I just gave it to Holly Freeman,” he chuckled. “In the janitor’s store; she was amazing- howled like a banshee.”

“Jesus Darren, how the hell do you do it?”

“No secret, they want it just the same as we do.”


“It’s true mate; all ya gotta do is grow some ‘cuhunas’.”

“And the premise is, Mr Perry?” asked the Professor, those dark piercing eyes levelled right at me.

“Come on Perry, Jung was last semester.”

I stared vacantly and motionless until Professor Steel turned in disgust and asked a more willing participant.

“Get out of here before you get me thrown out,” I snapped.

“OK,” said Darren, unsatisfied. I’m going.”

After Psych I walked back to the dorm as I had an hour to kill before my next lecture, and besides, my balls felt a pale blue yet again, their aching somewhat off-putting. I stood in front of the mirror and gazed at myself with a dull sort of disdain.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? You’ve got balls. Fuck!”

Why could Darren bed just about anyone and I seemed to fly under the radar? I wasn’t bad looking: tall, fair, and slim- good shape, clear skin. Darren was kind of pasty, a little overweight and short, not anything to land the chicks. But shit, the guy gets laid at least once a day, by every hot babe on campus.

My face crumpled. “What the hell. Maybe he’s right. Maybe its just attitude; I’m no misogynist; I love women, so why can’t I get any?”

I rose to my feet and leaving my books on the bed left the dorm hurriedly. I strode the halls, looking briefly in all the rooms.

I’d almost got to the library, when I stopped outside one of the science labs.

“There she is.” I looked down at my watch, leant rather stiffly against the wall and waited for the lecture to end.

As the students streamed out from the lab, I waited on the other side of the door, my heart thumping, and my penis half-erect and stifled uncomfortably by my tight jeans.

“Hey Louise?” I said as she passed by.

She turned and looked at me oddly. “Who me?”

“Yeah, you; I was wondering if you could help me with something?”

“You’ve got Steel for Psych; I’ve seen you.”

“Yeah. Joel, Joel Perry.”

“Mmm...” she murmured, giving me a rather prolonged scan up and down, and slowly moving closer.

She was wearing a woollen skirt, a white blouse and grey cardigan, her long brown hair tied back rather harshly. She looked over her glasses and smiled.

My hands were wet with perspiration, my heart the large lump in my throat.

Then, with nothing to lose, I looked her squarely in the eyes, and after a large awkward swallow that seemed to take forever, nervously uttered those uncharacteristic words....”You wanna fuck?”

I closed my eyes for a second, fully expecting a hard indignant slap. But instead, Louise moved right up against me, the top of her head about the level of my chin. With her hands flat on my chest, moving very slowly up and down, she looked up at me.

“I’ve got thirty minutes. Just wait by the back stairs to the McGuiness dorm and I’ll get you in five.”

She lowered her left hand, and hidden by the doorway firmly grabbed my blood filled package, then let go and was off down the corridor.

I was in shock, but my one-eyed friend was off down the corridor before I could even think about it. A force of mammoth proportion was driving me, every step concise and ordered; my body alive with testosterone and adrenaline.

At the bottom of the rear stairwell I waited, my heart doing summersaults. I didn’t have long to wait. Louise suddenly appeared.

“Shhh,’ she whispered, “everyone’s in class, so be quiet. Follow me.”

Up the stairs we went, trying not to find those invariable creaky spots. At the top of the first flight, Louise turned left and opened the door to the second room on the left.

“Hurry up,” she spat, as I quickly slipped inside.

She turned and learnt seductively against the closed door, her hips writhing gently against the aged oak.

“So, Joel, what do you like?” she asked, removing her glasses and letting her long hair down with a swish.

I mumbled like an idiot.

She leapt at me, wrapping her legs firmly around my waist, and with her arms around my neck kissed me deeply, her tongue deep inside my mouth, searching.

I felt my hormones surge with a force akin to a dam bursting. With the strength of twenty men I literally threw Louise onto the bed and leapt onto her. She squealed as if part laugh, part scream, and quickly rolled me over onto my back. She was now sitting up, straddling me. I looked at her with eyes wide, unable to utter a sound.

With one wrenching movement, she tore my shirt open and lay flat on my chest, heavily massaging my nipples with her tongue. Not thinking at all, I flicked up her skirt and grabbed both sides of her panties, rolling them back from her tight rounded posterior.

“I’m so wet, Joel,” she murmured.

I responded by quickly pealing her blouse and cardigan off over her head. It came off like pealing a banana. She sat up and grinded down on me with her swollen labia, as I marvelled at her perfect breasts. They were pert and plump and her nipples a soft pink and erect with excitement. I wanted her, here and now and rolled her backwards, flipping myself around until my face was surrounded by wet swollen flesh. I tongued her softly but firmly and she groaned, writhing and violently grasping the bed cover beneath her. She was primed and ready to go, the slightest touch like an electric jolt.

I wanted to be inside her desperately, my body aching for it. I knelt up while she tore off her skirt, now completely naked. Before I could pull down my jeans, Louise thrust forward and took me into her mouth, her right hand at its base, guiding it in and out.

My head tilted back, the silk-like wet warmth of it exhilarating my every cell. Then faster she went, her soft lips hugging the contours of my manhood, back and forth faster and faster.

“God, stop. I’ll come,” I shouted.

Louise pushed me back, my body now laying flat on her bed. She quickly reached over to her side drawer and removed a chain with leather straps.

“What’s that?”

“Don’t worry Baby. You’re gonna love this,’ she said, her eyes sparkling and wild.

She attached the strap to my wrist and pulled the chain tight, forcing my arm up perpendicular to my body. I chuckled like a school girl.

Then from the other bedside drawer she attached the other wrist strap and tightened the chain. I pulled at the chains and realised that they were well fixed and tight.

“You got to be kidding,” I said, still amused.

Louise roughly pulled my jeans off and fell to the bed, gently massaging my testis with her tongue and stroking my steel-like erection, running her fingers up and down the swollen veins and then around the head. I was squirming uncontrollably, exhilarated and almost unconscious, my eyes barely open.

Then, out of the ecstasy came a stinging white burning sensation on my chest. I blurrily looked up, my face contorted in horror to find Louise above me, tilting a lit candle over my chest. Each drop of wax sizzled as it struck my skin and sent a sharp burning pain zinging over my body. After several drops, she put the candle down and began to devour my erection, sliding right down to the base. I was so close to coming, but each time an explosion was imminent, Louise stopped and dripped more wax on my upper torso. Pain, ecstasy, pain, ecstasy, over and over, and I was only barely conscious, my body on the razors edge. Then, when I just couldn’t take it any more, Louise mounted me and drove my penis so deep inside her I thought I would give her some sort of internal damage.

“Come on Baby, it’s time,” she whispered, beginning pelvic rotations and building speed.

“Shit!” I shouted, completely at her mercy.

Then, when she could feel me unable to go on, she pushed forward so that the base and underside of my penis was hard up against the bottom of her vaginal cavity and drove herself up and down as long and as fast as she could. I shrieked with ecstasy as my entire body writhed, a deep primordial wave of pure orgasmic sensation swept from within me. I opened my eyes to see Louise rubbing herself faster and faster, groaning and sweating, droplets glistening on her sumptuous breasts. Suddenly, at fevered speed and with every cell excruciatingly heightened, we both groaned and arched up, the air rushing out of our lungs as the orgasm took hold.

It seemed to go on for minutes, the deepest, most soul wrenching, exquisite sensation I have ever experienced, a flood of gushing ejaculate streaming into Louise’s body and its warmth taking her even further. Then, at that exact moment there was no world, no thought, nothing except that one perfect experience.

As we both slumped and the ecstasy slowly waned, the soft numbing aftermath imbued our bodies, I lost consciousness. When I awoke, I looked up and saw Louise at the end of the bed taking a photograph of my chained, naked body.

“Just a little memento,” she said, standing there in her usual uni outfit, glasses, cardigan- the lot.

“It’s been real,” she said, all businesslike.

“But what about this?’ I asked, pulling hard on the chains.

“I’m late for my lecture. It’s only an hour or two.”

Before I could think of how to respond, Louise was out the door and gone.



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