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Momentary Awareness Personified.

Updated on January 25, 2010


Momentary Awareness Personified.

The moments I spend with you,

are the facets of a diamond,
cut from time itself,

polished with our

soft caresses of love.

These moments

sparkle and gleam,

each is a rare gem,
that catches the light

of your beauty, and

refracts it in my memory.

Each time you are around

it reminds me of a

bubble freshly blown.
Lips pursed as if

blowing a kiss,

as together we create

a rainbow orb,
shimmering in the

membranes of our souls.

Floating us high into

the summer breeze,
with even our breath

sealed in a wee bit of time.
Capturing each others joy

and then gleefully sharing its flight.
Fragile moments that

 will eventually pop,
but the images of their

wonder will sail on,
long after we are dreaming

 of tomorrows shared.

Much like a fine wine,

our love is a corkscrew,
as we spiral into

each others snug fit.
Releasing the sweet nectars

of an ageless passion,
with all of our bottled up emotions

poured out and shared.

We sip the heady concoction

of passion pressed,
and grow giddy on

imbibing in each other.
Such are the moments

we have shared.







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    • profile image

      seasoning 8 years ago

      lovely what a wonderful way of expressing your feelings you have