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Book Review "Shades of Grey"

Updated on July 12, 2014

"Shades of Grey"

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I love to read. I always have. Though I have to admit I don't read as often as I use to. This primarily due to being a mom, art teacher, artist and working part time along side of the rest. Who has time? Certainly, I don't have as much time as I use to.

During the course my hectic days I find time to pick up a book and sit back with a cup of hot coffee or glass of wine. Snuggled in to my favorite place and taking the time to open a book so I can read. Even the smell of a new book excites me.

For those of us who really enjoy reading we are not just merely reading but stepping into another world. We are being absorbed into the pages and living each characters lives along side of them and I look forward to those moments in paradise.

So when a friend of mine recommended the "Shades of Grey" book series I couldn't wait to get started. Though the series has clearly been on the shelves for a while this was the first I had heard of it.

I was enthusiastic about starting this series and even more so that I was able to borrow the set! I snuggled in with my glass of red wine and eagerly flipped the pages to the introduction. Yes, I'm really one of those that read page to page including the copyright information, the index and the first few pages. I love to know who the book was dedicated to and so forth

I got through the first chapter and then the second and I kept waiting to be swept away into the pages. It never happened. I even went as far as skipping an entire chapter and didn't miss a thing. Each page was smut after smut after smut.

Now understand there is a difference between erotic and smut and this is smut. What simply amazed me is that it is a best seller and people are so engrossed in it that they giggle like little children. I found no pleasure in this series. I Didn't see any grand talent in the author. I failed to find a story line just page after page of sex. There was nothing there to hold me. Nothing there to capture me or make me wonder what was going to happen on the next page, or in the middle of the book, or how would this end? I already knew.

So I returned the series after the semi completion of the first book and all I could think is really this is what society has come down to? Along side of wasting the little bit of preciouses time I had to read a good book for smut, I sat in amazement that is what society lusts after.

Whatever happened to story lines that captured the attention and spun ones imagination into a hundred different directions? Whatever happened to the new and wondrous. The artistic ability to write and capture an audience that was longing for adventure? A story of hope? A story of wonder and things that did not exist in reality? What happened to stories that were told so simply and elegantly that you could relate and see a different side to lives hardships and cruelties and rejoice in the victory and or mourn along side of the characters from good writers? What has happened to the artistic ability to paint pictures of grand leisure and wild imaginations? Not just sex. Anyone can write that! Anyone can think up of a dominate who is "confused" and uses people for his own physical pleasure without any real regard to others. Anyone can make this predator appear to be so loving, and kind and honest and good along side of a beautiful woman who sees the "real" him and longs to be his. What crap!

So disappointed and so let down. "Shades of Grey" has no shades at all. No colour and no value. It is simply smut waiting for the reader to praise. A disgrace to all true artists.


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