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Shadow Warrior by Dave Everett with Kingsley Flett- An SAS crime story

Updated on October 12, 2011

This man is a trained killer!!!

Do yourself a favour and read this story, or  Dave may come after you!
Do yourself a favour and read this story, or Dave may come after you!
According to legend this man can kill you just by looking at you!
According to legend this man can kill you just by looking at you!

Once Australia's most wanted SAS soldier

This book is a great read. I was extremely interested in it because I happen to know the author. Not well, but I have met him and we keep in touch via his web page. Dave Everett was originally from Tasmania, he is only a small bloke but in the late seventies he decided to join the Special Air Service.

The book covers his SAS training in Swanbourne near Perth in detail, and is a definite eye opener. Dave finally got bored with the SAS because he was seeing no action, so he left and ended up in Burma training the Karen Rebels.

He became so obsessed with their cause that he decided to raise money for them. He went back to Australia and with a fellow ex SAS soldier, Reynolds I think was his name, he kidnapped the manager of the Cannington picture theatre and his wife. The picture theatre was taking big money over the holiday season and Dave and his mate stole the payroll.

The only problem is that they both got caught. Everett got released on bail and then faked his own death. The problem with this is that the authorities had his mother’s house as surety and when he took off his mother lost the house.

The book describes how Everett was then Australia’s most wanted man. The police claimed he had written out a hit list of police he wanted to kill. Everett then left West Australia and travelled to an island in North Queensland where he worked in the tourist industry training climbers until he nearly got caught after a chance drug raid that did not involve him

He headed back to West Australia where he did two more robberies that failed. He tried to rob two IGA shopping centres, which involved surveilling the manager’s houses and then kidnapping them and their families to get the keys to the safe. He got nothing but the fact that he alerted the police he was in town.

He then went out to Baldivis south of Perth and broke into an explosives storage magazine to get explosives for a gold mine robbery he planned to pull off. This was to try to pay for his mothers house which the courts confiscated. In the process he caused one of the biggest explosions in Australian criminal history setting off more than a tonne of explosive which could be heard for many miles.

Things started to go downhill for him from then on and eventually he was dobbed in to the police by one of his close mates and caught. One of the things I did notice about this book is that Everett does not cover his time in jail at all.

Another notable fact is that Everett looks a lot like the serial killer Martin Bryant and the conspiracy theorists have it that it may have been Everett that carried out the massacre on behalf of the Australian government. Though an interesting theory it is of course just pure fantasy.

Everett is a great bloke in real life. It is simply too hard to believe he was so ruthless a character after talking to him at length about his evil deeds.

He has a website where he has a blog and also a link to his Facebook page. There is also an extra chapter that did not make it into the book which is a bonus. He is quite approachable so don’t hesitate to write to him if you feel the need.

He has also been in the news lately as he eventually ended up living in Canberra with his lawyer partner Darryl Wookie (female). Her ex partner, lawyer, and now member of parliament, John Quigley has had to make a public apology over some slanderous remarks he made about both Wookey, and Everett in the press. Quigley used to represent the Police union, and you either love him or hate him.

This is a fantastic read, and one of those adventure stories that is hard to put down. Everett served his time, which was about 15 years although he was bashed pretty badly in Casuarina maximum security prison. I met him on his final stint getting ready to come out of jail at Karnet prison farm. He is a quiet unassuming bloke, with a good sense of humour and quite small in stature. Personally I would describe him and his actions in his biography as Andy McNab on steroids. I am still in touch with Dave via Facebook and he is now enjoying his life and his freedom, I think he has a few kids from a prior marriage.

For more information go to

Joine the army and meet new people, and kill them

Dave would have had his copy of Australian true crime handy at all times!

Dave Everett would have happily whiled away the hours in jail if he had one of these

The cops may not have got you Dave if you had better communications such as these


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