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Shadows of Memories

Updated on May 26, 2012

Shadows of Memories

If I should wake before I die, I hope I dream of you

Soft whispers floating from your lips

I brush your hair away

Might I see your eyes, my love

Transfix me with your stare

Alone I linger on the bridge

Waiting, fog rolls near

Clouds threaten me with memories

Your dreams are my command

But if I dream of you, my love

Will I be lost in time?

Tears glisten on your weary face

So perfect still with youth

And I forgive your quavering eyes,

Downcast as you turn away

I’ve loved you through the ashes

Of our lives as they were

Starlit with the melody

Your heartbeat running rampant through my veins

The pounding, unrelenting thud

Of rain upon your window

Dripping down the pane of glass

I see your blurry face

I dreamt of you, my long-lost heart

The rose upon your pillow


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