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Updated on June 20, 2012

Shaelun A Poem For My Beautiful Niece

On the day your mother gave birth

God sent an angel to live on Earth

The first time I saw you my heart dropped to my feet

You looked so beautiful so angelic and sweet

As I looked in your eyes I certainly knew

That for the rest of my life I would love you

Your tiny fingers and tiny feet

The love I felt when our eyes did meet

I loved to hold you and you would sleep in my arms

I would lay you down your eyes would open wide

As if you heard an alarm

For the rest of your childhood I watched you grow

And I saw the kindness that God had bestowed

Your love for animals and people was rare

As you continued to grow the signs were still there

That your love for God was stronger then before

You sing him songs and praise his name

You speak of him

and if you need him you call his name

I am so proud of you for so many things

For who you are and what you do

For your love of people, and animals

And more important God too

Each night I pray that he keeps you sweet

That the people on earth

Can see what I see

That you are a special child

You were sent here by God

To teach us all about his love

For one another and all things that live

To share to help to love to give

So good luck my girl where ever you go

Travel with God and never let him go

For Shae with love auntie


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