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Shahida Sarwat... love from across the border!

Updated on June 18, 2013
Fozail at work
Fozail at work

This is a true story, but looks like a Bollywood script – similar to Raj Kapoor’s Henna. I was witness to the feelings of Fozail who desperately wanted to go across the border to tie the knot with his lady love Shahida Sarwat!

This story is written by Syed Fozail for The Desert Times, edition 8 dated December 1997.

By: Syed Fozail

First Journey to Pakistan

After my second year of engineering, I had to take a break of one year. During that year, that is, 1987, I had nothing to do, so I planned to visit my aunty in Karachi, Pakistan. My parents and brothers were opposed to this visit, as I had never travelled alone. But somehow I convinced them, arranged for the visa and boarded the train for Karachi via Amritsar & Lahore. After tiring journey of three days, I reached Karachi. I had not informed anybody in Karachi regarding my visit, as I wanted to give them a surprise. After reaching Karachi Station, I made a call to my auntie’s house informing my arrival. They first thought that somebody was fooling them, but later on they got convinced and agreed to come to pick me up from the station. Now the question cropped up how could we identify each other as the station. Luckily they had my photograph which I had sent them some 2 to 3 months earlier. They informed me the car number, make and color – in order for me to trace it at the station.

Two persons came to receive me – Shahida and her elder brother.

Home in high taste... Shahida Sarwat's home in Malaysia.
Home in high taste... Shahida Sarwat's home in Malaysia.

Warm Welcome awaited

The journey from the station to Shahida’s house was quiet with exception of few sentences. We were trying to settle down and be comfortable with each other. After reaching home I was given a warm welcome by auntie, uncle and cousins. Shahida a shy girl as described by her family was completely different with me. She had arranged all the things for me in her house and took care of all my needs. After meeting her I never felt that I was meeting her for the first time. During my stay of 28 days we came so close as if we had known each other for years.

Shahida is too good!

Talking about Shahida I would say she is too good. The best and most adorable quality of Shahida is her hospitality, loving and caring nature. Shahida is always open to change for good. I can say that the-shahida of 1987 was completely different from the today’s Shahida. She has come a long way in these 10-years incorporating changes for good and I love her for this quality. Shahida is very much flexible and can adjust herself to any situation. She also has an understanding and cooperative nature. This lady got tremendous courage. I admire her for the seven years which she waited for me. Adding to the above she is a very good cook and loves to keep her house well decorated. I should not forget to add that she has got a cleanliness phobia. I love her talking style and and prefer listening to her hours together without uttering a single word.

Home in high taste... Shahida Sarwat's home in Malaysia.
Home in high taste... Shahida Sarwat's home in Malaysia. | Source

Falling in deep love

During my stay of 28 days, I had given Shahida a special place in my heart. I could see in her a perfect match for me. After reaching Bombay (Mumbai) I had a feeling of missing her badly. Later I discovered that I was in deep love with her. Thinking of the distance of two countries and not knowing Shahida’s feeling I tried to keep this matter away, but I could not succeed. We were in constant touch through letters. I used to search in her letters the words which could give the indication about feelings. From 1987 to 1991 we never lost our contact, this was because both the sides had the feeling but could not express the same. Only after her visit to Bombay (Mumbai) in 1991, I could feel her love for me from her eyes, which were always searching for me. In 1991, I put myself together, gather enough courage and taking the help of my uncle I approached her mother for her hand in marriage.

Married to most caring live partner!

This was not the end of our story, we had to face lot of hardship and hurdles were put by our family members and others due to the restricted diplomatic ties between India and Pakistan. But Shahida stood courageously besides me, while we were clearing through all the hurdles and eventually we met on 16 May 1995 in Karachi for marriage.

My visit of 1987 to Karachi is the most memorable period of my life where I met my loving and caring life partner. She gave a new dimension and meaning to my life and sweet little house of which I am proud to be a pillar.


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    • zanaworld profile imageAUTHOR

      SA Shameel 

      6 years ago from Bangalore

      Thank you for your comments Shahida Bhabi. It is wonderful to see the original author of the article commenting.

    • profile image

      Shahida Sarwat 

      6 years ago

      shameel bhai thank u sooooooooooo much for posting this article written by fozail, u cant imagine how precious this for me,actually i have misplaced all the desert time issues while shifting our belongings to india and i was just cursing myself since then that i have lost all of them including the above one.........thanks a lot again.


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