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Shaking the Fear to Share

Updated on January 5, 2014

Sharing Love


Saying what truly lies deep in the heart.

Having the courage to tell your story,

Allowing others souls to be a part

Radiantly we sing God’s great glory.

In this world let’s share love right* from the start

Get ready to soar through life’s cosmic chart.

Starting with Shanti* we shine like a star,

Having pure love we strive to save all

Accepting all loving life we’ll go far,

Relying on God’s grace we will not fall.

In this day I say we must raise the bar,

Now let us try to break down this life’s wall.

Give praise to the soul not to the car.

Give a helping hand to humans that need’

Never hoard and hide material things.

In this world it’s the hungry we feed,

Ready we should be to count life’s blessings

Always we must strive to do a good deed.

Have the super strength to fly spread your wings,

Share love with all despite color or creed.

Notes: 1. Right means correctly. 2. Shanti means peace. 3. Wall is the ego that is what makes building a harmonious society more of a struggle than it needs to be.

By: Darrell A. Roberts

I was reading the book Spiritual Warrior written by Bhakti Tirtha Swami, and he touched upon the topic of sharing. His point was that we should share the best of our selves as a way to connect with others and up lift the consciousness of others. He also made the point that some of us, though we posses a wealth of knowledge, are reluctant to share the best of it because t may be used against us.

I had to consider the message being communicated, and see which side of the fence I stand. Well, I think I am some where in the middle. I know that I do not put out certain information because I guard against people misinterpreting the essential message and using the information in an inappropriate way. I have to admit that I had fear.

Now since this is a new year and I am working on improving my character, I am resolved to confront all my fears and do the best I can to eliminate them. I wrote this poem as the first step on the path. I encourage you all to do the same.

Best wishes always.

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