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Sharing Some Love From The Wisdom Tree

Updated on August 4, 2014


by Jeb Bensing

There is a plethora of words, which creates thoughts of wisdom.
At times, it can become complicated when trying to find yourself.
Knowing that you are a good person but,
The heart conflicts with the mind that wants to erase all thoughts of doubt.

Resting under the Tree
Resting under the Tree | Source

It’s not hard to create happy thoughts in your mind.
You just need to give yourself time.
Sometimes age and experience will develop priceless wisdom,
Just like wine.

Love is like a cool breeze when,
Standing under the warmth of the sun.
That feeling you get when thoughts begin,
Remembering a lost loved one.
Reminiscing about all the days used up with fun.

You can not have wisdom,
If your heart is completely empty of any love.
Even if you are damaged from a painful past,
Something or somebody helped dust you off and,
Whatever that scary place you came from,
It couldn’t take away that new found wisdom.

Hand in hand,
Remember my friend.
It doesn’t take much to love yourself now and again.
Loneliness is only a closed mind.
Friends are never far behind.
Your love is what will define how much you get back from time to time.

This is how all the wisdom can be learned,
How the heart can be nurtured.
So let us cross over the river and,
We will rest under the shade of the trees.
Enjoying the time together,
Exploring all of the things that could be.
Taking in the view as we,
Bask in the warmth of the sun.
Loving yourself first,
Then sharing it with everyone.
Filling the buckets of others while,
Constantly filling your own.
Finding complete solace that,
You will never be alone.

This is my wisdom I can share with you.
It took a long time for me to see it through.
Constantly dusted myself off and kept my mind open.
Always remembering my long lost friend who kept me going.
Nathaniel always shared his wisdom and, he always had plenty of love.
Someday I will join him under the shade of the trees but,
For now, I must continue on.
There is plenty of wisdom and love that must be – Shared with everyone.

© 2014 Jeb Stuart Bensing


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