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Shatter Dreams A short Story

Updated on April 16, 2014


Maggie, was born in the South, to Ben and Betty Davis. Ben was a proud hard working Black man , who worked from the time he was able to walk until the day he died. He never learned to read or write, farming was his life.

At the age of 16 he married Betty not for love he needed someone there to help him take care of his aging mother and to help him work. Betty worked from sun up to sundown, cooking cleaning, taking of her mother in-law. When he needed help with planting and caring for the farm Betty was there by his side. Betty knew Ben didn't love her but she needed to leave her mother house because of the abuse she was going threw.

When she got pregnant Ben yelled, saying they couldn't afford a child., " we can't have a kid , with you looking after mom and helping me in the fields. For a moment he acted if he didn't care but soon came around. The next week Ben mother died, before she could see her first grandchild. Mary Lu born was born, 9 months latter Maggie came , Ben loved his girls more than life. My girls will get and education leave this farm, they will have a better life he said to his wife.

Mary Lu took an interest in your boys, at the age of 17 got pregnant and leaving home. This was upsetting to Ben, all he could do was to give his daughter his blessing. Maggie you my last hope you will leave this farm I promise you. Maggie was and excellent student, with the hope of a scholarship. Each day she could see the frailness of her parents, they could barely walk. . Someone had to take care of her parents, so she quit school to work the farm. Every night she cried herself to sleep, there was no one who could help her. At a early age she developed a talent for writing this was her way out.

Maggie at the age of 17 devoted her life to working on the farm and taking care of her parents. Maggie best friend was a pencil and a writing pad, she could express her feeling anyway she wanted. She had to face facts her destiny to care for her parents. Five years pass both parents body had deteriorated tremendously.

... At 21 she had never been on a date or kissed a boy, her mine was always focus on her parents, her sister had a husband a home and children, she had nothing. One evening after work Maggie sat on her porch slipping on a cold glass of water watching the sun slide behind the darkness of the night.. Behind her she hears a feeble old voice, "it was her Dad". I was just telling mommy that you are the most unselfish person in the world. You have given up your dreams to take care of me and mommy. Stop talking like that she spoke,i love you and mommy she kissed him on his wrinkle cheeks.

I remember when you was a little girl he smiled, with them green eyes,you was so happy when i put a pencil in your hand, you acted as if it was candy gal. I would tell mommy that you would be the best writer in the world, now you don't have nothing. I have you and Mommy now stop worrying an go to bed. Lying in bed that night she cried herself to sleep, she dreamed that she had wrote a bestseller, and was moving her parents in a big house in the city. Maggie woke up in a cold sweat with no fame or fortune, once again she was just a farm gal. She knew she would never dessert her parents in their golden years.

It was morning time for her to make breakfast, she would make a special meal for them before she went to work. Knocking on her parent door she, yelled wake up sleepy heads it's time to eat.There was no answer opening the door, she saw her parents propped up on a pillow holding hands. Poppy she touched is forehead it was cold, mommy she said softly a smile was on her face she knew they was gone.

Maggie started to cry but she knew they was at peace. Maggie went to her boss;Mr. Moody house. They are gone was all she could say. Mr Moody the owner of the farm made arrangement for their bodies to be remove from the house. Mr. Moody she said, my only request is for them to be buried together. At the serve Maggie, sat on the front seat of the church among family and friends. The minister preached her sister started to cry calling her parents. Maggie, sat their remembering her sister was always to busy for her parents. Living in the same town her children didn't even know there grandparents.

After the service was over Maggie, went home and sat in her mother's old rockers singing her favorite song. Mary Lu and her family came they never asked her to go with them home.We will come by tomorrow Maggie, to see how you doing.

Mr. Moody and his wife came by telling her that the house her parents lived in she could have,it you earn it thank you she said. Ben wanted you to have this he said handing her a box, inside was a letter it read. My beautiful Maggie, Mommy and I are so sorry we took your life away. We prayed every day that God took us home so you could take back your life. Don't cry for use we are happy with our parents and God. She looked in the box thousands of dollars, was inside it was more money than she had ever seen.

Put a Smile on your pretty face gal,"this is the beginning of your life". Mr Moody who wrote this letter?Your father wanted to provide for his girls , when your sister left home, he knew that you would never leave them.


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