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Shattered The Broken Puzzle

Updated on October 12, 2016



His favorite song blaring into his ears, the wind in his hair, and a bright and blue sky above his head, and a smooth and empty road lay ahead of him, as he sped out of town in his car, and yet despite all these, his lips didn’t show the slightest curve of smile, in fact if anyone would have seen him, he would have to them he would have appeared as, maybe sad, gloom and to those who knew him, he may have even been crying to himself, his desperate call for help. Now there were tears rolling down on his cheek, for he knew he was far away from everyone, where no one could see him, judge him, so he let his guard down, and like a dam broke, all the tears that his eyes had been holding of for so many years, finally flooded and wetted his shirt. The only sign of life on his face was the tears rolling down on the face as emotionless as a statue chiseled out of stone. While on the road, he remembered the first time he had met her, the first time it was on one such road and he was on one of his lone long drives that he usually took during those days, she was stranded there all alone, her car had broken down and she needed a lift, he was happy to oblige, that was when they first talked, the first day they met, and how the months passed in a flash, none of them realized and when they did, he was standing there dressed up in a tux, and she was walking down the aisle wearing a beautiful bridal gown and her captivating smile on her face.

So as you may guess, moving out of town was a heavy decision for him, but he was simply too devastated by the death of his beloved wife that he couldn’t go on any longer. After that horrible incident that took away her life, he tried to live in the same house as they did, thinking that living there, he would at least be able to relive the moments he had spent with her, that it would somehow make her passing away a little easy, and so he was living this lie, living this lie for the last 3 years, but the loneliness, the emptiness was too much for him to handle anymore, hence now he was running, running away from the town they lived, running away from the house they lived in, running away from the people they knew, running away from everything that could possibly remind him of her, he just wanted to wake up, wake up from this nightmare that would end his torment, he begged to everyone, that someone please wake him up, but no one did, and so now he was on the run.

He drove for as long as he could and then checked into a motel, hundreds of miles apart. He entered his room with a visible frown that had now permanently resided on his face, and lied down with the intention of sleeping and after a few centuries elapsed he finally did.

‘He was back in his home, the lights were off, utter darkness filled the building and terrible thoughts started coming to his mind, he ran inside to check on his wife, to reassure himself, that the power just went off and his beloved wife is all safe and sound but that’s when he heard it “Rahul Rahul RAHUL, please help me please Rahul help,p….p….p….please Rahul HELPPPPPPPP” and with that utter silence, the voice of his wife gone.

He woke up sweating, it was all a nightmare, the nightmare that haunted his dreams for so many years, the nightmare in which he was busy in his office work while a monster broke in to his home, raped and then murdered his wife and left her butchered body for him to discover when he came home, the worst about his nightmare was her eyes, the eyes of his beloved that now looked at him cold and accusing, asking how could he not be there for her when she needed him the most, where was he when she screamed his name countless times for help when that monster had held her down with a knife at her throat, where was he when she screamed her name, choking on her own blood when he slit her throat with the same knife. He pushed the thoughts out of his mind, he washed his face, and checked out, it was time to leave again.

Though he felt like he had hardly gotten any sleep but it was dawn already, and once again he was speeding down on the road, with music blaring and wind in his hair. Lost in his own thoughts he almost didn’t see her, but just as he was about to pass her by, he saw a girl standing there with quite some luggage asking for a lift, he stopped thinking of the way how he and his wife had first met, thinking of his present condition, thinking that maybe she was running away from something as well. She got in and they both continued in silence without knowing where they were going with an unknown companion on an unknown way to an unknown destination.

Finally she said breaking the silence, “Hi, I’m Rohini” said the girl extending her hand.

“Hi, I’m Rahul” he said shaking her hand.

While their handshake he saw the numerous scar marks on her wrists long healed that mostly appeared self-inflicted. She saw him looking and covered her wrists, knowing it wasn’t his place to pry, he shifted his eyes back to the road and they both rode while the silence filled the room once again. Each sitting right next to each other, and yet worlds apart, each in their own nightmare, fighting their own battles controlling their own storms. Rohini was the first one to break the silence may be because she wanted to talk, maybe because she needed someone to talk, or maybe because she was just fed up of the silence, maybe the silence was ringing too loud in her ears, so showing her wrists she said,

“It is a gift of my first love, my husband or ex-husband you can say.” Revealing few more of her scars she said,” the man I fell in love with and the man I married, fell out of love with me within week we had been married. Not even a month had passed to our marriage when he brought another woman into our home that was when my arms received their first gift from my hands. Another cut was made, when because of his mistress he raised his hand on me the first time, the first time his hand came down on me to hit me and then it came again and again, that day the house was filled with animals not humans, animals torturing humans, my eye was swollen shut for a week. And so the abuse continued for months, gradually increasing each time until she joined him in his monstrous endeavors, I was tied, I was beaten with bats, punished with hunters for saying something that they deemed wrong, been locked in a room for days on end, without proper food or water, so the scars piled up. Every time I wished I was dead, but no, they would pull me back from the brink of a quick death only to slowly kill my soul first. But I endured for as long as I could, until one day he threw divorce papers at me, so I signed them, threw them at his face, and escaped and have been on the run since the last week, thinking that maybe he will find me, and also for a place where I could stay and start my own life once again.”

While telling her story, she never did realize when the tears started falling out of her eyes, guess when you’re so habitual of crying that tears don’t come as an unpleasant surprise but as a welcome companion and once it’s too long you won’t even realize when they visit. Now that she had revealed everything in her heart, it was his turn now, and so he told her everything, everything about his reason of running away. Both of them were shocked as to why were they telling each other all these things, they have never met before, and probably will never meet again, guess it was easier telling these things to a stranger than admitting it to someone else including themselves, it was easier telling it to someone who won’t judge the and even if they did, it would have hardly mattered, because they were just strangers. Both of them were finished telling their stories and silence once again had filled the room but it wasn’t a piercing silence like the last time, this time it was a more comfortable one, a more soothing one. Now the companions rode together into the horizon their hands held, what can happen between them? No one really knows but one thing that they do know now is that they had found themselves the not so strange strangers.

They were each shattered in their own way, broken with their own grief unable to handle them alone, but now together, they had found peace and comfort, and like the pieces of puzzle, these two broken people fit and complete each other perfectly.


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