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Shaving Away The Troubles Of My Day

Updated on March 30, 2012

One Day At A Time

The sun is shining

I should be grinning

My heart is filled with great ideas and solutions

Why do I feel so blah

Have I caught the pity me blues

I try to shake them like a dog with fleas

But no use

I wish there was a frontline medicine to control my sad feelings

Where my thoughts sink lower and lower

Like a toilet backed up

I have to see life a different way

Where did my frustration come from ?

It seemed to stick me while I slept

With a needle as long as your arm

It was not my fault

I could not of known

I was drugged by the unknown

Well lets not make any assumptions that are not true

How could this of happened ?

I went to bed like I always do

This time I tossed and turned and could not sleep

What were the troubles that lay on my mind

It was not the trouble that I found

I slept on my arm all night and my arm went numb

It led me to thoughts of pain and harm

My neck started to cringe

I was still asleep and didn't know

I thought it had to be a thought that aggrivated me so

That gave me an instant headache I could feel

A pounding and annoying one that would not leave

So I rolled over to compensate

My back began to ache

My cat seen my hand move under my sheet

She attacked me with all her claws out

I felt the sharp pain in my hand I couldn't quite describe

An intense pain I tried to hide

So I moved quickly from one position to the next

Now still wondering why my body aches

I feel my hand so sore I know I never did break

I am surrounded by love and why all this turmoil

I scratch my head in disgust

My cat once again thought I wanted to play

She attacked me as her claws fly

This time my head hurts

But why ?

I never get headaches

Maybe it was something I ate that didn't settle to well

I love pizza and so it couldn't be

As I roll over my pillow and on my crumbled sheets

The lump in my stomach that moved to my chest

I try to wake up as my eyes gain focus

I just had a big misunderstanding while I slept

My mind is now clear of any fear

The sun is out and the warming feeling is such a relief

The scratch on my hand and the cut on my head will heal

I can feel the circulation go back in my arm again

My back is stiff so I stretch it out a bit

I am up and this is one time it was better not to sleep

My day starts now and all good things are coming my way

So if your like me hop in a nice warm shower and get dressed

The quicker you get outside the sooner you will feel your best

Have a good day and I am glad I got that off my chest


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      carolinemd21 I thought of this hub while I was shaving and I cut myself and I was bleeding.I thought how is it that we can bleed so much and then when we heal it is easily fogotten like it never happened.So I splash a little water on my face and wash down the drain the old.I started with an ulgy unshaven face and ended up nice and smooth like a babies bottom.Life is something different and always a laugh.xstatic My shower is my savor.I step into a whole new world so refreshing and clean.My wife yells at me to get out because she is afraid if the drain ever clogs we will have a river in the house.So back to reality I step.I would be singing in the rain in Oregon.Well by now I hope the the sun is out.Nature can be unforgiving and powerful.I remember when it rained almost all month.I forgot what the sun looked like.Thanx everyone and have a great day.

    • xstatic profile image

      Jim Higgins 5 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      Whew! I'm glad you got it off your chest too! I'm sure your day went well. Sometimes jsut getting up and ito that hot shower helps a lot it seems. It has rained alllll week here in Oregon, reading great Hubs like this has helped.

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 5 years ago

      LOL Great poem Dream On the title was funny so I read it and wasn't disappointed! Voted up and away.