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She (A Poem)

Updated on December 23, 2015

The lights burning overhead,

The face of a stranger,

Who wasn’t a stranger to me some time back.

A smile.

The smile which burns the overhead lights out

Like a Sun ate up by complete darkness.

A dim impression was left upon me by that,

That maybe, she would come back to me.

But it lasted only for the faintest of moments.

The smile wasn’t meant for me,

It was to my side.

A stranger who is the victim of her undoing.

My transmutation,


Her lullaby.

The first amazing sound which calls to you,

And makes you fall.

The call of a siren which drawn every one and anyone.

Her prey are the weak ones,

Just like me.

I still am.

I am being continuously drawn,

Willing to submit to her song,

Yet, I can’t get through any longer,

Because I had done her wrong.


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