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She Does Not Belong to His Class #1

Updated on September 4, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


There was once a powerful young man in the island, the man according to the

Custom of their lineage, he was the one his father found to be more faithful, calm,

Dedicated, and compassionate among the thirty male children that the man had

Who could inherit the powers of his fore fathers from him. That has been the custom

Of the family, when the person who inherits the power is seeing signs of death, he will

Hand over all the power he has inherited and those he received afresh from the gods

Assuming he received any new secrets from the gods apart from the one he has

Inherited from his father unto the selected son whom he has been paying close

Attention to and had known his characters, this son would have passed through series

Of trials from the father before the father would authenticate him to be the one worthy

To put the cap on. He will try all of his male children equally, not excluding those at the

Childhood stages because there had been instances according to the oral history heard that

It was one of the sons who was yet to become a teenager that his father finds to be worthy

Of the cap out of the many male children the powerful man had, and the young child had

Been given the power. Some of which include gourds that would be swallowed, tortoise

That would be taken care and would taught some words that would be spoken to the

Tortoise for his defense and special revelations among other things that the child needs

To know. Those the child could not comprehend then, incisions would be made on the

Child’s physical eyelids, those incisions would enhance him to be seeing beyond the

Ordinary and thus when he comes of age and needs an assistance relating to some special

Things, as he begins to think about this, his eyes would be opened to see what he needs to

Céline Dion - The Power Of Love

Do about the thing according to how his fore parents had done it when they were alive

And if it is new thing, he would receive something in relation to that. These had been done

For those sons who were at their childhood stages and who their fathers who had inherited

The power discovered that they were the ones worthy to receive the power. And they have

Not regretted their decisions for doing this. However, in the case that the man does not have

A male child or that all his males did not measure up to the tests and trials he had secretly

Conducted for them, such father could look at the female child of his’ who possesses

Such traits to bestow the powers on her. Occasionally such do happen although it has been

Found to be extremely rare. And another rarest condition is the case that the man has no

Child of his own, whether legitimately or illegitimately, when that happens, he will look

For any of the sons of his siblings who fits in to the criteria to be given the power to, since

They are of the same blood for the father of such a one could have been the one who would

Have inherited the power before. These rules are been followed by this family to enhance

Continuity of the power residing in the family tree. For that has been the covenant the gods

Of the island made with them while the island was been founded thousands of years ago

According to the archeologists and the discoveries of some researchers. The family

Has been given special role to play in defending the territories of the island, defending

The citizens of the island from their enemies then. They had not been allowed to partake

In becoming the ruler of the island. While other tribes could contest for the Kingship

And leadership positions of the island, this family has not been allowed to do that and

This they had been strictly observing and the gods of the island have been being with

Them, using them to defend the territories of the island, protecting her citizens and

It has been on record that out of the myriads islands around, the island is the only one

That their enemies have never overcome them for once, they had not been captured.



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