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She Does Not Belong to His Class #2

Updated on September 4, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


This happens because those the gods of the islands have been given the roles of

Security to within the island have not deviated to the right nor to the left, they have

Not had a reason to shift their position from what the gods have assigned them to be

Doing for their island. Outside being the only island that has not been captured

This island also enjoins relative stability in everything she has been doing and her

Income per citizen is also high. Which makes people from other islands to be migrating

Into the island. This young man was the one who fulfills the criteria set for all his sons

No one really thinks he will passed the test, because his mother was the last wife married

By the man and he is third to the last born among the males. He is silent hardly talks and

People sometimes do think he must be a dullard, but when they pose a difficult things

To him which others could not handle, he will ask for sometimes, as if he has something

He was consulting then. On or before the time given him, he would have come up with

Solution to the conundrum. This baffles many and they set traps for him thinking that

He may have been stealing from their father’s power without their knowledge, but they

Discovered that nothing could be farther from the truth than that, as he hardly enters

Their father’s apartment, let alone his room of power, because of his status, while

Others not excluding the females do enter the place regularly, even strangers do enter

His father’s apartment, but he will not do that, for his mother had told him when he

Was noticeably young that he should not be disturbing his father, because his father is a

Man of many people and would always have visitors from far and nigh. Since then, he

Has stopped entering his father’s apartments, he only goes there when his father calls for

I Will Be Loving You (Original)

Him or the children generally and he wants to speak with them all or when his mother

Sends him to his father, which his mother rarely does because she has maids attending to her

Too. When his siblings and others who have laid several ambush for him to know whether

Or not he used to enter their father’s room of power to make consultations before

Proffering solutions to the conundrums that they have posed to him discovered that such

Was not happening, then they think it must have been his mother who has been his secret

Of power and wealth, for the people used to say, behind every successful man there

Is a woman and they know he is yet to be married, then his mother must have been the

Source of his inspiration and wealth. After months of laying siege to discover this

They will again discover that his mother has nothing to do with his wealth of

Wisdom and how he gets answers which he supplies to the people’s conundrum that

Usually works for them they could not really predict. They desist from monitoring

Him in this respect when they find this out. However, some of them who were

Envious of him, who could not fathom why he one of the youngest in the family from

The least of their father’s wives could be the focus of all eyes decide to fault his

Sayings, thus, when someone comes with another mystery that had defied solution

In the island, as his attitude was, he asks for time to get the answers for them. After he

Has gotten the answers for those people, those siblings who were envious of him tell

Those people that what he says would not work and they reasoned with them from

The logical point of view of why and how what he says would not work. They convinced

Those people and they listened to them. they did this because they thought he would be

Annoyed with them and they will fight over it, but instead of being annoyed he pleads

With them that he was deeply sorry, that it seems that what his elder siblings have said is

Better solution than his and should be tried but if in case it did not work they could try his’.



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