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She Does Not Belong to His Class #3

Updated on September 4, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

People were amazed at this saying, and promised him, they shall give his a trial

In case their elder siblings solutions failed. It was not surprising that what those

Siblings said lead the people astray such that they lost several things along the process

All in a bid to try and discredit the Young man. It was after all their efforts had failed

That one of them notifies others that it is time they give the young man’s solution a

Trial so that they shall not continue to suffer, revolving around a circuit. And when they

Started implementing what he says, everything was fallen into the right places for them

A step after another and it was as if what he said is itself self-solving all the solution has been

Waiting for is their initiation of the cascade reaction. They spend less time, less energy, less

Money, less everything and the thing was done. It was a miracle to them, and they

Blame themselves for allowing their minds to be led astray by those people. His elder siblings

Apologize for this, but they did not changed as they also did same for some other problems

That people have brought to them all because they want to discredit their younger sibling

Because they thought he is stealing their glory and all focus had been on him which ought not

To be so, he ought not to be having solutions to everything, there must be something which

Will expose his laxity and would give them room to operate. They had forgotten that

The creator has created all as he would be in the world, and he Whom Creator has created to

Be special among a family, nation, career etc. would always be different, will stand out and

Stand tall among them against all odds. Whatsoever such is doing, would always be

Fallen into the right places as if the person has been at the foundation of such case. That has

Been the case of this young man among his siblings yea among the island. Even his father

Mama's Song

Marvels at what he proffers solutions to sometimes, because while he was grappling

With the gods, asking him for a way out, this young man, his son would have come up

With a solution and the solution he comes up with, by the time the gods of his father

Would also speak he will speak the same thing, and there had been instances when

Some detail words that his son has offered as being the way out of the logjam, the gods

Would not utter such details to the people. It is the people who would through trial and

Error comes up with the way out and sometimes it would take them a lot of stress

The people will at times also lose some things before arriving at the way out. It was

From this little detailed words that the young man used to say that his father believes he

Is a special one who has been specially endowed by the Creator of the world. It is

A different ball game to be created differently but not have some good characters the

Gods of the island have been demanding for, before such great power could be released

On the person, because irrespective of how a child may have cloths at home, he cannot

Have rags like his parents, because a child could in no way have used cloths like his parents

Even if they are verily closely in age. Therefore such is still require of the child. His

Father appreciates the Creator of the whole universe for such rare talent found in

His son, yet he must pass through the tests. He puts him through the tests like others

Albeit without their full knowledge of the trials, and he passed. Thence, the father has

No other option other than bestowing the powers on him as the gods have said. His

Was a combined honor, for it is said that such has never happened in the history of the

Island that someone would possess such talent and again be crowned with such power.

One would again be tempted to think that as the young man has possessed these, he

Should have been in the company of ladies, but he seems not to have a thought of ladies

In his heart.



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