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She Is Astronomy

Updated on October 9, 2015

A woman dressed in darkness and stars
Breathing alive inside her heart
Decorated with the planets we live
And the love she always gives

We are part of this solar system
In which all does dwell
From the farthest and away
She brights up her ray

Stories are made around her
And everything within the fair


Dancing between the stars
She'll shine on us all
Dancing between the lights
She'll shine on us once again

Mythologies and secrets of beyond
And many things to be told
Existence showing her powers
All the colors of the flowers

Spinning her rocks all around
With majestic and sound
We sleep within her soul
Forever standing so tall

We are creatures made from her
In this beauty she'll always care


(Guitar Solo)

Through horizons and twilights
In many wonderful nights
She brings in the love of the lunar
With this brightest of the star

She is the ultimate wisdom
Enriched in her kingdom



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