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The Girl On The Beach, A Short Story, Fiction And Poetry

Updated on May 16, 2017

Fantasy Island

Stretch the imagination and travel to the ends of the earth!
Stretch the imagination and travel to the ends of the earth! | Source

Create Your Own island Vacation

Have fun creating an imaginary vacation with new friends and long white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see!

The Girl On The Beach


The Girl On The Beach At Low Tide.

The summer wind blew across the bay and the girl in the hat walked along the beach glancing over her shoulder, as if expecting someone.

The sun began to dip on the horison and the silhouette of the girl, disappeared into the distance. She was alone and it was getting dark, not a very safe place to be on your own, I thought.


All of a sudden there were three figures at the end of the beach. I realised that the girl was in serious trouble. I picked up my phone and dialled the emergency numbers. I knew there was something amiss.

The Sea Path

Meandering path next to the beach.
Meandering path next to the beach. | Source

All Ends Well

The next thing, I looked to see where the girl had gone and saw a figure in the waves, heading out beyond the breakers. To protect herself she had flung herself at the mercy of the sea and escaped an attack.

I phoned the N.S.R.I. and reported the incident and they were able to rescue her out of the sea, very cold and very exhausted, but alive to tell the tale!


I never met the girl on the beach with big hat...but all ended well and her swimming skills had saved her life!


Over The Oceans / my poetry

Over the oceans over the seas
Over the lands
Carried by the breeze

Birds weaving on lifted wing
Eagles soaring above the mist
Sing for joy, people, yes sing

Share your love when you get out of bed
Share your love for it is said..
That love conquers all.. as it is read

In the Bible that stands forever so strong
The Word of God shows right from wrong
So rise up you nations and let's all belong!

Heart to heart and hand in hand
Let us walk with God
Let us take a stand!

Take time to reach out to God and each other, making this world a better place to live for all. We are given choices in life and are able to lift people up or break them down. Be courageous and strong and stand and walk in God's light.

Sea Bird


Romantic Music

Island Mood


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