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She is Angel

Updated on May 22, 2017

No matter how worse life gets,
Her smile just make things seem perfect.
Strong like Mountain and cool like ice,
She explains even if you repeat mistake thrice.
Pure and imperative like water,
She is always an inspiration for her daughter.
Fights against world for her child,
Becomes acid when needed else she is mild.
She increases her limits of patience,
Her food contains all her Love essence.
Shows the world about Stability,
Unlike others she will never do partiality.
Being a mother is never easy,
She have to smile even if the life is fussy.
Pain is what she hides from the world,
Shows you clarity even if her life is blurred.
Beyond heights of sky and deeper than ocean,
Her Love for her kids is beyond expression.



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    • profile image

      Axay 11 months ago

      Nice one dear.

    • Anisha Vyas profile image

      Anisha Vyas 11 months ago from Jodhpur, India

      Thank you dear

    • profile image

      Deepali 11 months ago

      Good one dear!!

      & Never stop writing..