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She left poetry

Updated on April 22, 2013

Things passing by
I can't keep track
I thought after all
I can get her back

Now I realize
That isn't true
I don't have a clue
About what to do

If it wasn't enough to leave my gang
She left me
In a second

I can not keep control of my heart
It feels broken
Only a single shard, is left or less
Because of the words she has spoken

Now I can't perform
Because I can't concentrate
And my stability is going down
At a fast rate

I stay up late..
Building up this hate
Thinking of all the ways
I could of changed my faith

I feel so bad
To have lost so much
Your touch
My second fam.

All gone
Because of me
I made my choices
Wrong and good
But ended up
To only be overrun by the flood


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