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She said "All that lives must die"

Updated on August 23, 2012

She said "all that lives must die"

Here one day , gone the next

this thing we call life is so perplexed

we take things for granted and do not think

when things could be over in just one blink

she said "all that lives must die"

but nobody wants to say goodbye

sometimes we want to leave

but life has so many things up his sleeves

while the rain it shows a symbol of all of those who have left

this voyage of discovery, some of those we forget

every soul was once an inkling of hope

every soul finds a new way to cope

and when I leave , to lay in the ground

I want one thing to be known, one thing to be found

I loved my family and friends with all of my heart

some days I felt as if falling apart

but I never took those to whom I love for a waste

I swallowed down all of lives tastes

It does not stop the fear of leaving

in fact my words may come across as deceiving

i'l never be ready to leave those I love

il never be ready to reach the further depths of above

Why are we here , why do we hurt

why must we learn, why must we work

we leave our prints across the sand

watch as the tide comes and takes them at hand

what is our purpose , will I ever know

why must people day , while I get to grow

is it fair that we get put here to lose

the ones we love , the ones we choose

is there something better beyond the pain

will we ever have a chance to live again?

She said "all that lives must die"-why?


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