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She the Refugee

Updated on July 31, 2018
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Analyzing why people do the things they do and how those things affect others is one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy finding solutions.


Rubber made rafts and hot tractor trailers are often the vehicles carrying terrified people away from the dangers they face in their own countries. Civil wars, gang violence, and domestic abuse force many people to flee. The journey itself takes desperation to endure. The fear of bouncing around in an overcrowded raft in the middle of the ocean surrounded by the heat of the sun or the darkness of night could be enough to send someone into cardiac arrest. Rather than take the risk, many people might stay in their country and face the consequences if not for the need to save and protect their children. Imagine the relief they must feel when they are finally able to step foot on land. Unfortunately, for many the journey doesn't end there and neither does the abuse and fear. For others, they find the answer to their prayers.

She, the Refugee

She came over on a raft

Holding tears in her eyes.

She came over reluctantly

With no spirit of disguise.

In her mind, she brought sounds

Sounds of sorrowful screams

And the voice of her mother

Reciting necessary new dreams.

She came with a book

Clutched tightly in hand

Red, white, and blue letters

Announcing: The Promised Land.

In her heart, she brought memories

Of her friends left behind

And the ache of acknowledging

She'd be too hard to find.

She came in a hurry

No shoes on her feet.

She narrowly escaped

The bad men in the street.

In her soul, she brought hope

But, it harbored deep down

Beneath the arch of her laughter

And the slant of her frown.

She came into New York

A bewildered, child refugee

Pointing out to her doll

The majestic ... Statue of Liberty.

She, the Immigrant

She saw buildings still standing

No piles of rubble.

She saw smiles on faces

With no signs of trouble.

In her mind, she felt taller

Until she'd been here a while

When her differences with natives

Shrunk away her bright smile.

She saw other children stare at her

But not say a word.

She saw pictures they'd drawn

That made her look absurd.

In her heart, she felt lonely

With no one to play.

And, her loneliness grew

With each passing day.

She saw worry in the faces

Of her Mom and her Dad

And, above everything else

This made her the most sad.

In her soul, she felt broken.

Her spirit felt crushed

Until another child spoke for her

And refused to be hushed.

She saw in her new friend

What made them the same.

And, she felt more at home

When she passed out her name.

She, the American

She conquered her sadness

Her sorrow, her woe.

She conquered all the things

That made her want to go.

In her mind, she carried visions

Visions of times to foresee

Like when immigration approves them

And sets them all free.

She conquered the fear

That she'd never belong

When people stood with her

To show her she got it all wrong.

In her heart, she carried love

Love bursting with joy

And spreading without bias

From every girl and boy.

She conquered the stereotypes

The labels faded away.

She conquered the people

Who didn't want her to stay.

In her soul, she carried the strength

Of more than a dozen battles won.

She carried peace in the place

Where there once was none.

She conquered the sea

With all its white foam.

She conquered America.

It is now her home.


In 1905, these Italian children along with their mother and another sibling came into Ellis Island and waited in the luggage area looking worried because their luggage was lost.


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