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Shelia Runs From the Demons of Multiple Personality Disorder

Updated on March 2, 2014

Too Many People in Here

Alone or so she thinks,

Shelia finds herself surrounded by darkness.

The stillness is too quiet.

Her thoughts run away,

Carrying what is left of her mind to rarely visited

Painful places that she does not want to remember.

Shelia is being watched.

She know she is being watched.

She feels the intense sear of the gaze.

She wants to run away

But, fear has glued her feet to the ground.

Running would not help.

Running did not help

The last time she tried to get away.

Now with only one good eye and a limp,

Escape would be near impossible.

Strong hands grab her roughly by the shoulders.

Her heart threatens to beat out of her.

One arm strangles around her neck.

She feels the point of a knife dig into her face.

Shelia knows Randy hates her.

He has hated her for the last twenty-five years.

He will not leave her.

He says he hates to be called to come out.

Randy only comes out when Shelia is bad.

He wants to punish her.

She does not want to be a puppet.

They try to get her to take her medicine.

She does not want to be controlled.

Shelia is too smart for them.

Shelia gives the medicine to Cathy when they are not looking.

Cathy tosses it in the trash.

She will protect Shelia.

Cathy would protect Shelia from Randy if she were here,

But, Cathy does not come out when Randy does.

Randy slowly drags the knife down Shelia's face,

Reopening old wounds.

She feels the hot, stickiness of her own blood begin to pour,

A wave of odd comfort washing over her.

Shelia hears screaming from somewhere distant.

She does not know these cries are her own.

Three hours later. . .

"Officer, she was there by herself. She kept crying for Cathy and screaming for someone named Randy to leave her alone. I can't believe she slit her own throat. Man, I never saw anything like that".

"Sir, are you sure no one was with her?"

"Yeah. She was alone".


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    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 

      4 years ago from Philippines

      I think it was a good idea to present this issue in a poem format, then end it with the conversation. It makes the issue of multiple personality disorder more understandable to those who will be reading about it for the first time, and may lead them to want to learn more about it. I also love how you have two separate points of view here, Sheila's, in the poem, and then the witness at the end. It lends suspense to the poem in a compelling way.

    • lcbenefield profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Georgia

      Kathy, I appreciate you reading. I guess dealing with multiple personalities could be a scary thing. You are right. God can and does make us whole.

    • Kathy Carr profile image

      Kathy Carr 

      4 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Interesting but yet scary, amazing but yet estranged. When a person breaks themselves off into these pockets called multiple personalities or disorders that manifest at random, they are on a lonely road that they feel no one else understands so they try to live with this disorder which can be dangerous and deadly, meds or not, such as you stated. I watched the movie 'Sybil' down through the years and was amazed and horrified and was not aware of such disorders even existed. But what I do know that biblically speaking, God can make a person whole whose fragmented mind has split and gone into those pockets for future use. He can give us peace in our minds and bring all of those persons back to oneness with him. Thanks for sharing.


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