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She'll Never Forget Your Darkness

Updated on November 30, 2013

In your darkness
In your pain and suffering
you've lost your innocense
again and again.

It's a long drive
solitude in a broken down chevy
it's the hatred in your soul
it's the evilness in your perceptions
it all seems so cold.

Never friendly
deceitfulness in your eyes
it's never been able to blind her eyes
she's seen the darkness

Alcohol drizzles down your throat
clouds and confuses your mind
beating all the innocense
there is no love that you can see

Falling in your own victimhood
attacking her soul
she ignores your darkness
It's the scales over your eyes
you can't see.

Melting away in your hostility
Nothing nurturing about your smile
the most important thing
this bottle of booze
the only truth you've ever told
the lover of your soul
the kiss of death
you just will never let go
she'll never forget your darkness.


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