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Shellshocked...But Now Insulated.

Updated on January 22, 2010

Shellshocked but now insulated.



Back into

my shell I go
I was Nuts

coming out so far
leaving the

insulation of years
accumulated against

the grief..the pain.

it's quiet and warm

and familiar there
I'll settle in and

savor the old
walls that wrap

me in shelter.

There is a small

window there
I can send out

messages on it
writing poems on

the steamy glass
condensation as I

continue to breathe
in the shell of my soul.

Even farther within

myself there are trails
that lead to

happy places
way back when.

It is a large shell
I will hike often

to better worlds
and it is not

shellfish to return
to that place we

all hold in reserve,
it is survival
and that is the

first step to
ever emerging again.

" Shello shell."
...old friends."

Peace to all

who will gather

the sweetmeats
I will toss

through the window
of electric possibilties.

Stand by
the shell

is closed
it wasn't all it was

cracked up to be
but now the

healing begins



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