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Shelter by the Sea.

Updated on October 9, 2014

Shelter by the Sea.

Don’t tell me of darkness, because you don’t know,
Don’t mention pain, shame, dread, hunger or hate,
Don’t think of me, pity me as you stomp me down,
Don’t see or hear me, touch me, taste my bitter pill,
Because you don’t know me and you never will.

I sit, alone, out of the rain…for now,
A shelter by the sea, one home of many,
Is my canopy, sanctuary, roof over my head,
The view is priceless, and I am worthless,
A vista teeming with life, and watched by the dead.

Feed me, I hunger nourishment none will give,
Bathe me, absolve my past and sins, purge memory away,
Clothe me, dress my wounds in bandages, adorn me in your empty promises,
Save me, rescue me from the Hell of my life,
Forget me; leave me to wallow and sink, immersed in my strife.

Give me a day with some daily bread,
A day without cold, damp, sickness or dread,
Swap my cardboard box with a bed instead,
Find me a way to deal with the shit in my head!

Lonely, free, purgatory on a majestic balcony,
You laugh, you stare, you don't fucking care!

Farm Animal!

To you...I may be dead, ever in your sight, always out of your head,
I ask for change, you demand ignorance!
Then again, don't feel sorry for me...I have my Shelter by the Sea.

© Brad James, 2014.

Film of the Poem: © Brad James & Jay Laker/Tombola Pictures, 2011.


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