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Sherwood Forest - Robin Hood Sherwood Forest

Updated on May 11, 2011

Sherwood Park Visitors Centre

As many of my readers know, I am staying in Derby on my travels around the UK and me and a friend thought we would drive for an hour to visit Sherwood Forest and look at the evidence of the Robin Hood myth.

Sherwood Forest is 423 acres in size but the ancient trees are dwindling due to foresting since the Ice Age ended, efforts are under-way to maintain this beautiful national park and new Birch trees have been planted that doubled the size to 1050 acres.

We were a little disappointed at the lack of sculpture and artwork from the immediate  Sherwood Forest visitors centre area, they were dotted around but you have to be willing to hike all day! Perhaps they would interfere with the natural beauty, we were happy simply to look at the odd shaped trees and some were so big you could actually walk inside holes in the trunks.

Legend of Robin Hood

If you are not familiar with British folklore, Robin Hood was a controversial hero to some because he fought back against persecution possibly by King Edward who wrongly took away his home forcing him to become an outlaw living in the forest.

He was a excellent archer and sword fighter and this is why there were various stalls and a chance to practice your own shots with the bow and arrow against various targets which can be seen in my video below.

The legend of Robin Hood dates back to at least 1584 and also talks about his companions, 'Little John', 'Friar Tuck' 'Much the Millers son' and 'William Scarlock' who would help him rob the rich and give to the poor. Historical figures of bandits and possible locations of the stories origins have tried to be applied to the legend but even the Robin Hood Wikipedia account is hazy, you may want to visit the Robin Hood museum at the Sherwood Forest visitors centre.

Sherwood Forest Park

You may take for granted looking at big trees since we have all seen them in the vast array of encyclopaedia and documentaries we have in today's libraries but it was truly fascinating to see the Major Oak at Sherwood Forest.

This Oak tree is supposedly meant to be around 800-1150 years old but it is hard to find out the exact date without counting the rings in the tree trunk. Efforts have been made to protect the tree from collapsing under its own wait by giving support to the enormous branches which extend out in all directions.

Sherwood Forest Holidays

Further weight has been given to the Robin Hood legend by suggesting that he and his 'Merry Men' would use the Major Oak as a meeting point before ambushes.

If you are are looking for Sherwood Forest holidays then there is a Holiday Lodge that offers log cabins and you can explore the serene natural beauty together with your partner by simply wandering off track like me and my friend did with our picnic!

Me being Robin Hood


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