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"She's Our Star Angel" (Poem for a Friend)

Updated on September 4, 2013


This Poem: "She's our Star Angel" is a tribute to a memory of a very dear person. I feel like it may be re-assuring to others...and it would be my hope...that seeing it in writing would re-re-assure you as well!


When it comes time for this life to end...

Go forward with a light...there's so much more to go, my friend.

How crazy it must be to believe...

How crazy to go on much grief.

What happens in life...When the ones we love are gone...?

We try hard to reach for them...staring deep into a pic...or reminded of them in a song.

Indeed...the memory of them...floats around in the wind...

We wonder what it would be like...if we ever get to see them again.

Our thoughts try to lock on to the person we we hold our breathe for a moment...

Hoping beyond All Hope that the message that they are missed by us...get's sent.

We wonder what it is like...Where they are...

We miss the ones that used to light up in a "Star".

We wish they'd talk to us one more time...or for a moment...we could see them once more.

Our heart collapses from "missing them"...We have to reach and pick it back off the floor.

This is how the time passes...After we realize our loved one is truly not coming home...

We seek answers, and scream a loud...But the reality is...We deal with this all alone. the rule of the day...

Fondness and Love...have to be sent on their way.

There is no one there...left to receive...

The only thing that is really our grief.

I have felt like many times in life...

But, one thing I never have lost is my wife.

So, for a friend I know...who is going through this...

I don't know or much he must miss.

The Angel in his life...Who used to make him smile...

Now many weeks...a very long while.

And to think...they were once right here by your side...

If you could have done one thing to keep them would have tried.

Now...they are in a much better place...

If you believe there is a Heaven...Somewhere out in Space.

You call out in pain...and in prayer...the best you know how to...

And ask to see them one more time...That's all you want to do !

And in a moment of sublime apparition...

Without a moment of reservation...or apprehension.

Comes a brief dream come true...

And...For one brief moment in time...I catch a glimpse of you.

Then...from out of the blue...I hear a voice of long ago...Sounds like Dear Ol' Dad...

And he utters a sentence...that I know is uniquely his...from all the ol' catch phrases he had.

When gazing for a moment at my wife who used to be so ill...She looks so fantastic and well...

Dad's voice went clear to my heart...And I know I heard him say: "She's Our Star An-gel"!




All Rights Reserved to "She's Our Star Angel"

This Praying Angel Table Sculpture Image was found at:
This Praying Angel Table Sculpture Image was found at:

The Story Behind: "She's Our Star Angel"

This is a "Manly" Poem dedicated to a friend...about a very special person. This person was his wife. But, family members and friends have also had to come to terms that she is no longer walking amongst us here on the planet. A person that brought a smile to this Planet...and who fought a tremendous battle against an illness. Since, I would not want to write all "flowery" and "fluffy"...and since I know how much losing someone you never thought you would...hurts...I'm going to stay on this side of the memory...for the sake of my friend...and to honor her memory. She was a great and strong person. How we would all like to be known as that...upon our departure!

As someone who gets phrases stuck in his head...until it becomes clear that they have to serve another purpose (Kind'a like finally being knocked over the the ol' noggin'!). The phrase "She's Our Star Angel"...Is one that I find most enduring...and one that I would want to bring to a Poetry Tale...the best way I know how. I wanted to write a "Manly" Poem on what was mentioned to him (my friend)...last week. All weekend...the phrase that he had mentioned: "She's our Star Angel" had been going through my brain. By Monday, I was beginning to think it should be a Poem. However, it would only be written based upon my friend's approval of the words. And, it would only deal with her memory from his side of the story. I would like to honor her memory through this...but the most important that the words are not hard on the living...for those that have to "keep on-keeping on!" I really tried to be sensitive to that. In an instant (faster than we can fathom) our loved ones are before the Lord in heaven...before the first tear rolls down our face...or the thought that this is our "final" goodbye for now...ever even occurs to our brain. I do not wish to accomplish anything other than to honor her...through this small poem writing.

What I told my friend: "Hearing this "Star Angel" is uniquely a time of tragedy. Although, I can not imagine the grief that you are going through...and I, myself, am still in shock that your wife is no longer here on the planet with us...especially with you. I think that knowing that God still cares about what we are going through...and knows how to comfort us...and to re-assure something...I really find incredible."

As my friend tells it: He believes he heard his Dad's reasurring voice telling him, in regards to his wife: "She's our Star Angel!" He believes that his Father (Who had long passed) stated this quick sentence to him to help ease his pain. It would have been a "catch phrase" that only the son (my friend) would have recognized. His Dad's slogan at his Public Relations Company was "We look for Stars." There is a glass star-shaped paperweight still with that quote...that has his Dad's name next to it. His Dad was in Marketing and Promotions (Advertising), and eventually Public Relations. The Company that his Father first worked for had a tradition of sending beautiful "Christmas Angels" to friends and clients for the Christmas holidays as decorations. And before his Dad passed away, he had been thrilled to find out that he had a "Star" named after him on the International Star Registry. you can imagine...the "Star Angel" message had some very deep the son.

Take heart in the message, my friend!


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