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Shine on the Water

Updated on June 20, 2013

The Wishing Well

The wishing well is frozen,

Not a penny can get through.

Time to find another dreamer

To confide my wishes to.

When the stars shine on the water,

The reflections of the coins

Are an empty, sad reminder

Of everything that's been destroyed.

Though the moon is my companion,

There's another as my guide

And, if the payment is a smile,

Then I'll forfeit all my time.

Before the ice took over,

I would just toss another dime

If the darkness came to call again

And then I'd be just fine.

Maybe I'll travel to the ocean,

Lose myself among the waves

As I dream of having returned

All the parts of me I gave.

I set fire to that wishing well,

Sat back and watched it burn-

I swear I'll banish all these demons

And count every lesson learned.

But if the structure remains standing,

If there's a single patch of lawn,

I hope another jaded fool

Finds something else to wish upon.


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