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Shiva..the Man or the God...

Updated on December 17, 2012


“Shiva! The Mahadev. The God of Gods. Destroyer of Evil. Passionate lover. Fierce warrior. Consummate dancer. Charismatic leader. All-powerful, yet incorruptible. Quick wit, accompanied by an equally quick and fearsome warrior.”…. Amish, in his book, Immortals of Meluha, wrote about the Hindu God Shiva. Shiva is an important God in Hinduism and among the three main Gods according to the belief. Millions of devotees worship and believe him.

To write a book on a mythological character, that is too over a God is always a very tough work as million of devotees link themselves to the character. A very touchy subject for a fiction writer, a debutant writer specially. But Amish have beautifully penned his debut novel ‘Immortals of Meluha’ on this Hindu God. The book is the first installment of his Shiva Trilogy. The trilogy revolves around the journey of a man who, in course of time became the Mahadeva, God of Gods.

The book

The story starts with an introduction to Shiva and his survival along with his tribe. Desperately convinced by Nandi, an official from a kingdom, Meluha to migrate to it, Shiva started his journey to it. The kingdom of Meluha is the land of happiness but with strict laws, where even the human emotions are guided by laws of Lord Rama. Here, Shiva was recognized as their savior, Neelkanth. The story then goes ups and downs with the life of Shiva, his quest for the answers to his questions and to find his one true love to become one of the greatest men to walk over the Indian land.

Things that I liked about the book

The main protagonist in the novel is Shiva. The story tells the tale of his journey as a man. The other mythological characters from the Hindu mythology are depicted very beautifully. The portrayals of the characters are as real as life. The smoothness in the flow of the story engages the readers to the end. The dialogues in the mouth are very interesting to read on. Among the other chief characters, Sati, wife of Shiva, Brahshpati and the Naga can draw attentions of the readers. However, there are some incidents that needed more attentions from the author. For example, the character of Daksha needed more insight to his obsession for Sati as a father.

The book has a very attractive cover page and the summary on the back provokes the readers to read the book. But the things that I liked about the book is its presentation. I bet that no reader can put down the book without finishing it. The book is continued in its sequel, "Secret of the Nagas". The writer has succeeded in creating the curve for reading the sequel immediately.

Me and Mahadeva

I am a Hindu by belief, yet I never deeply thought about the Gods. They were just only gods for me. But Amish gave me a very different perspective about the gods. Like millions of readers of the Shiva Trilogy, I too now believe that Shiva was a man, a man whose Karma made him a character larger than life, a God. The path, which was carved by Shiva, was the path of your own deeds and only believe in yourself can give you own path.

After reading the book "Immortals of Meluha", I almost fall in love with Mahadeva..he helped me to overcome my griefs and gave me a more meaningful insight to life. Thanks to Amish for giving us such a beautiful book!


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    • Puspanjalee profile image

      Puspanjalee Das Dutta 5 years ago from India



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