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Shooting Blanks With An Ink Jet Fully Armed. (Inspired by Joy56's poem that is titled: " A Blank Page.")

Updated on June 2, 2010

A blank page is to the poet,

what an icy mountain

is to the climber,

what a canvas

is to the artist

applying that first stroke,

what an ill patient

is to a doctor,

a chance to heal

body and soul.

A blank page is

the remnants

of a tree I never climbed,

begging to be made

beautiful again.

It is a puzzle,

one large white space

unencumbered by black squares,

pleading for the right answers

to be filled in.

It is an albino question mark

as our often tired red eyes

seek to make it less bleached

and more cherished.

It is the greatest tool

of communication,

so much has been said on

such blank pages,

turning the blank looks

of others around us

into bold understanding.

It is the loving companion

of the pen and the pencil,

massaged often by the

nub of an eraser,

and lovingly made blissful

by the passion of the poet.

Many blank pages filled

become friends,

which explains

a chapbook,

where all of our

best thoughts gather

and celebrate

the work finished.

Many a quill in

centuries past

has taken a

feathered flight

over acres of white

and left us

the legacy of another

time and place

to peruse with wonder.

I live for blank pages,

they are food for thought,

my mind is sustained by their

rectangular platter awaiting

the fulfillment only

minds can cook up

and serve.

I have a blank page

and a blank canvas framed

in my studio,

to remind me

of what I have yet to do,

they haunt me

whenever I pass

and move me

to create more.

Even the snow

in the winter

represents a blank

page to me,

as all the creatures who stir

mark their passages in it,

with neat little prints that

show me a living world.

Perhaps death

is a blank page

for us all,

a new beginning

where we can write

all of our

heavenly dreams

and then let

God read them into

existence for us.

Forgiveness I know

is a blank page,

a fresh start,

where all that went

wrong is erased,

and new lines of love

can be shared.

Even this comment box

was moments ago

a blank page that is

now filled with

inspirations generated

by what you left

on that blank page above.

For this I thank you

and for this

I will post my

blanket of thoughts

that cover this space,

and credit you for

thier gift of life.



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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      i HAD A COMMENT BUT MICKY,S scribbling filled up the page

      Beautiful words

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      My mind is a blank page. Well- except for all the scribbling!

    • Joy56 profile image

      Joy56 7 years ago

      You do me proud, thank you so much ...... i love you. Was reading your interview with Randy Behavior before, it was interesting, i enjoyed reading it.... glad to be back in the community, even though i start all over with a blank page....