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Rough n Tough - Short Story - Funny and Real Life Incident

Updated on March 18, 2012

Getting into Bus in India

This is my attempt to write an recent incident i came across when traveling in a bus. It was a lazy morning in a week end and i have to go to my brothers place for a party which is 4 hours travel from my town. So, after the break fast, i have started to the bus station to get the bus. Its little hot but the breeze made it easy to reach the bus station, which took half an hour.

However, it was really a stunning when i looked at the crowd in the station. All the buses are fully crowded. For a moment i thought of going back and taking my bike. But i was not really confident enough to drive over road with too wheeler in a hot day for few hours.

Finally i am convinced to compete with crowd and try my luck to get a seat in a bus. People in India and one who know about crowded places in India, can really understand how difficult it is to get a seat in the bus. Watch out the video if you have not yet heard about it.

So, the real game started when the bus came and i tried my level best. My first two attempts failed but succeeded in third attempt as there is relatively less crowd at that time.I was in a two seater and one gentle man is sitting on the window side and i am on the aisle side. When the bus started there are few people standing. Luckily not much people standing which still allowed some breeze to come inside the bus.

My neighbor (sitting on the window seat) slowly extended his foot towards my side and when the bus started he really pushed me little forcefully towards the edge. I was in had a real tough time and i expressed my concern to him and requested him to move little to give me the space. That guy starred at me and moved little without any reply. But few mins later he again started moving and pushed me to the edge successfully. I really got irritated this time and lost my patience after 40 mins struggle.

Finally i gave up and decided to stand leaving the seat for someone else. When i stood, one person took my seat. This new person looked little rough and he pushed my window seat friends towards inside and made enough room for him to sit.

This new person really looked very rough and my window seat friend is really stunned this time. The new person started sleeping and is falling towards the window, making my tough friend tumbling.

Needless to say i was laughing @ him. Quietly :)


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    • selvirajan profile image

      selvirajan 5 years ago from India

      Thanks every one for your supportive comments and time.


      It was okay after that and i got the seat half an hour before the destination.

    • alisha4u profile image

      alisha4u 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Interesting one Man !! It even happened to one of my friend...

    • BrightMeadow profile image

      BrightMeadow 5 years ago from a room of one's own

      I guess your window friend got what he deserved. Hope the rest of the trip went okay for you.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      This is a funny story. Sorry you had to stand though.