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Short Guide to Overcoming Writer's Block

Updated on August 4, 2011

Writer's Block

Writer's Block is when a writer or an artist is struggling to come up with new ideas on new material. It is often times based on the fear that you won't come up with anything good, or anything original.

The good news is that few articles, for example, are original. Most articles borrowed their ideas from other sources (including this one, but it is my own choice of words of course.)

Do you want to start overcoming writer's block right now? The first step you should probably take is... relax. Keep in mind an important slogan "this soon shall pass." You are not unique when it comes to writer's block. If anything you should probably take your mind off of writing for a while, and engage in self enrichment in ways you may not have before.

You should take certain steps to start thinking outside of the box and expose yourself to things which you haven't had much exposure to in ways which you may not have done before. Take a different route to work. Even small things like this could plant a seed for thinking differently. Buy a magazine which you would always have felt sure you would never buy, and read every single article inside of it. It should probably be a magazine which you're least interested in! Playing video games is good for your brain if its done in moderation. I recommend finding a diverse selection of video games you haven't played before.

Do other things similar to what I just suggested. Find some music to listen to which you've never listened to before, or music that you're just not interested in. Buy some herbs and spices from the grocery store, as well as some foods you never eat. Watch some TV shows or news stations which you never watch. Take an inexpensive vacation to a place which you have never been to before.

Sometimes the cause for writer's block is physiological. If you find yourself stuck in writer's block, do not continue to stare at your computer or the piece of paper. You should get up and take some deep breaths, do some stretching, and maybe take a walk outside.

People get their ideas from all kinds of sources, be it friends, family, as well as artists and writer's that they admire. If you have good ideas but you don't have the energy to carry them out, there has got to be some energy draining source in your own life that is causing this apathy. Try to find out what that is, if you've got good ideas but you don't feel the drive to carry them out.

I mentioned that the cause for writer's block is sometimes physiological as well as a dull, stagnant lifestyle in so many words. Something which may accompany your need to overcome writer's block could be an article I wrote on keeping your mind stimulated.

Update: eHow deleted user submitted articles. Those selfish jerks.


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