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Short Stories To Read, An Unusual Reading Story About The Ring

Updated on November 16, 2011

Who Is This Story Aimed At?

If you are looking for short stories to read then you have stumbled upon the right place.

This story is designed for the older woman with traditional values.

This is an unusual reading story that would be suited to a woman's magazine as a light five minute read with a feel good factor.

The Ring is a story about a newly married couple who are in love. They are on their honeymoon where fate seems to hit hard.

Intrigued? Well you will have to read the story!

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The Ring: 'As if by instinct, she had known that here was the man that she would spend the rest of her life with'

Jill's petite figure lay on the warm sand, abstractedly, she turned her engagement ring around her dainty finger, watching the bright diamonds catching the sunlight, throwing it back in myriad flecks of sparkling light.

Peter's muscled arm encircled her trim waist, and his lips brushed her neck.

"Happy darling?" He asked, "Mmm", she mumbled, as she snuggled closer into his tanned torso.

Mrs Peter Collins, she thought, how lucky could a girl be? It seemed like only yesterday, that she watched this tall, slim man, with smiling brown eyes, walk into the busy office where she worked, and, as if by instinct, she had known that here was the man that she would spend the rest of her life with.

Newly Weds

The honeymoon, although still only a few days old, had been heaven. The golden sands, which reached right up to the back of the hotel, on the tiny Suffolk resort, where unspoilt with very few people about so early in the season. There was nothing to interrupt their happiness.

The hotel had only one other family staying. They were an oldish with a little girl, obviously their granddaughter. The couple tactfully stayed away from the newly-weds, but the little girl kept coming over, interrupting their togetherness.

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Beach And Dinner

Jill rose, brushing sand from her sun dress and out of her long chestnut hair. Her hazel eyes looking quizzically down at Peter's chiseled face, whose crooked mouth smiled back at her.

Laughing, she ran up the beach with Peter chasing her whilst getting entangled with the beach towel. As if with a mind of it's own, it seemed determined to wrap itself around his legs and trip him up.

Panting, they flopped down at their usual table. They were now ready for the delectable home-cooked dinner that the owner of the hotel insisted on serving himself.

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'Jill's fingers strayed to her left hand...'

As they waited for the first course to arrive, Jill felt a tiny hand tugging at her skirt and, looking down, saw the little girl called Jill gazing up at her. She felt a touch of annoyance at the interruption, but still managed a smile and a friendly, "hello Tracey".

The girl's big blue eyes smiled up from her freckled face as she began to tell Jill about her afternoon walk. As the child rambled on, Jill's fingers strayed to her left hand to twist her engagement ring round and around - a habit that she did whenever she was slightly on edge.

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"Are you alright? You have turned so pale."

The colour drained from Jill's face when she felt only the new gold wedding band where the two rings should have been.

Tracey, sensing that something was wrong, ran back to her own table. Jill heard her being told not to annoy other people with her constant chatter.

"Are you alright? You have turned so pale." asked Peter, his hand reaching out to her shoulder in concern. "Yes, yes, I'm fine, but I do feel rather cold... I'll just pop upstairs and slip a cardy on."

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She had lost the ring...

Jill fled the dinning room, her heart feeling like stone inside her chest, and it was more than a little time, before she had regained enough composure to return to their table.

She dare not tell Peter that she had lost the ring, heaven knows what it had cost him and, whatever would he think of her carelessness.

As soon as dinner was finished, she made the excuse of needing some air and tried to find the spot on the beach where they had been lying. However, now there was only the gentle slap of water reflecting the late evening sun where they had been.

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'Jill crossed, and re-crossed the beach...'

That night Jill lay awake. Her eyes gazing up at the ceiling beams, as Peter's steady breathing merged with the sound of the sea, as it washed the golden sand clean.

At first light she was back on the beach, searching the bare sand, but only the guls broke the early morning stillness, as they searched for food at the waters edge.

Jill crossed, and re-crossed the beach, turning over the sand in her vain search, the sun creeping ever higher in the morning sky. The clatter of dishes, and the aroma of cooking, wafted over from the hotel, and she knew that her search would soon have to be interrupted, so she redoubled her efforts in an attempt to find the ring before she would have to return for breakfast.

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'Tracey squalled with pleasure...'

So intent on her quest, that Jill did not notice Tracey running up to her, until a small voice shyly asked her to throw the beach-ball which lay on the sand for her. Jill looked down at the child's expectant face, and knowing that the chances of finding her ring were now tiny, she agreed to throw the ball for the little girl.

Tracey squalled with pleasure, as the two of them played along the waters edge. It was wonderful to see the child's delight, at having someone to play with. It could not be much fun for her, thought Jill, being on holiday with an old couple far away from friends, and in such a quite place.

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Jill did not realise how far along the beach they had travelled, and it was only by chance, that she heard the breakfast bell ringing in the distance.

"Come on Tracey, lets race back for breakfast", and the two of them ran pell-mel back along the beach towards the hotel, bounding the ball between them.

The old couple were waiting for their grandaughter, as the breathless pair came gasping up the double doors of the hotel.

"You should not bother other people with your play Tracey", scolded her grandmother, taking the beach-ball from the little girl.

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'She was rather a handful for them...'

As Tracey danced round the trio at the door, the old lady explained that her parents had been involved in an accident a few weeks previously, and their injuries had prevented them from looking after the child. They had volunteered to take on the job of caring for her, until they could take on their parental duties again. But really at their age, she was rather a handful for them.

As they talked, Tracey kept tugging at Jill's dress. "Do behave Tracey", commanded her grandfather, "can't you see that we are talking?" "But Grandad, look what I've found, cried the little girl. Jill looked down at the tiny figure, and in Tracey's outstretched hand, was the precious ring. "Goodness me!" exclaimed her Gran, "Where did you find it?" "Just down here on the sand", said Tracey.

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"Peter, we are going to have breakfast with Tracey and her family, and afterwards, we are going to take Tracey out for the day".

Jill gingerly took the ring from Tracey's palm, and slipped it back on her finger. Bending down, she kissed freckled face, tears prickling behind her eyes. Before Jill could say anything, Peter joined the group, his face set in quizzical expression. "Peter, we are going to have breakfast with Tracey and her family, and afterwards, we are going to take Tracey out for the day".

Tracey's face lit up, and Peter said nothing, for the look in Jill's eyes, forbade any argument on the subject.

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Unusual Reading Story With Morals

It makes a refreshing change in a search for short stories to read, that there can be optimism and hope. In this unusual reading story, the Ring provided a moral. This is to never give up hope. Sometimes we have to be lost, to be found, even if the process of being found turns out to be unpredictable.

© 2011 Shazwellyn - This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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    • mizjo profile image


      5 years ago from New York City, NY

      What a lovely story, Shazwellen. It just shows you never know what your kindness can lead to. Jill takes the time from her worries to play with a lonely little unwanted girl, and the little girl unknowingly finds Jill's lost ring. A sweet, happy ending.


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