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Short Story: A brother found (a short intro)

Updated on April 13, 2015

a brother found

it was in a vision once. a fallen brother, felled by wounds of heart matter. my body laid down on a field. from heaven they flew to my rescue. the enemy retreating as hordes of angels descended to retrieve my form. my wings wounded, my heart nearly in shatters. blood soaked and half conscious they swept my form into the air. i saw his face, the bearded man of my rescue. looked over my shoulder in his presence. knew in god’s hands i was being carried. others were surrounding us in flight, shielding the dragon of darkness as it approached. long since gone. i was aware of flights of horses riding on clouds, as they battled the air around. faster, and higher we flew until consciousness slipped into ecstasy. i felt the caress of feathers as they fanned the skin, damaged in battle around my body. the dragon still in sight, though out of reach was just as persistent, just as quick yet out numbered. flames, shielded by wings of angel winds. it was not until the trumpets blared that i woke. in flight, still in flight. my blood falling, like tears stained in enemies intent to the earth. echoing, thralls of angels choirs flew in my mind. it was as if, earth shattered and moved. as if the wind made passage for our arrival. i had lost sight of the dragon and the horse riders and now a band of brothers flew this body to safety. in the clouds, a temple. a distance known and seen again in more than just visions of what was. i had been in the service of the goddess, in prior battles. knew her kindness. we flew through pillars, through doors of immense magnitude. my eyes filled with tears, not of sadness of ecstasy climbing. i saw the hot springs of the temple. knew that this was a place of healing, though rarely visited by outsiders. knew in the waters the goddess had restored others. my brothers landed my body in the warmth of the waters. it stung at first then into senses still greater knowing, i submerged. battle dressed angels attended my wounds, brothers in flesh and majesty. brothers in winged adornment. some worked on the torn flesh from spears, thrown in battle. others the blood from my chest. in ecstasy, i fell again. touching, touching increased with feverish knowing. sensual and soft, yet firm in desire. desire, had i desired feeling in this, injuries yet longing for touch. how it felt. warm of healing waters, touch of firm hands. my eyes quivered. i, like blurred visions, saw the women preparing ointments, oils, and bandages. the goddess was there. she poured warm water on my heart, soothed the sting. she smiled at my eyes. i knew her, had seen her before. i could have drowned in her eyes. could have. she knew of my great service of my sacrifice in battle. she spoke. it was deafening in it’s silence. i felt my entire body quiver, like every inch of my flesh was touched with her words, only in silence. they fell like rain on hot flesh. caressed my nakedness. touched my prior knowledge of my vow, made in a secret far away kingdom. she had blessed you even there, young one. i had felt the ecstasy return, the heat, the cooling of the wounds. brothers worked splinters out of my flesh, while she watched. i was transfixed on her beauty, her eyes. held like jewels in the night. i knew her, again i raised my mouth to kiss the air around her words, she sensed my intentions. not with any movement, i knew. they worked ointments into my wounds, bandaged by heart, saw the damage to my wings. to my world. i fell into her silence, the weight of her holding me gentle as the others touched my body.



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