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Getting to the Mountain Top

Updated on September 18, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' picture book author who loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

How long will it take to climb this majestic  mountain, Mary?
How long will it take to climb this majestic mountain, Mary? | Source

Who Knew How to Connect with God?

A group of youngsters went on a camping trip one day. Excitement brewed in the air for Jim and Jeff. They had packed their backpacks, two days before the excursion, and looked forward to becoming one with the mountainous region. Plus, they wanted to learn everything they could get their hands on.

They vowed to connect with God’s glorious natural surroundings and to listen attentively to their tour guide. They devised a plan to stick with their leader so they wouldn't get lost. Their good nature reflected the fine students they were, and their parents were awfully proud of them for venturing out.

On the other hand, Jim and Jeff’s lackadaisical friends from school were thinking about why they were being forced to go on this ridiculous camping trip when they had better things to do.

Mary along with Linda and Johnny thought of how bored they would feel since they could not play their entertaining video games, or watch TV for two full weeks. Moreover, fourteen days was quite a long time to spend away from home, in a retreat somewhere in the far corner of the world. They thought a lot could happen; for instance, who would be the first to sneak out, to hang with their favorite gang of buddies.

“Who knows how to connect with nature anyway,” Mary complained to Johnny?

“Besides, how are we ever going to learn a lesson by observing a mountain scenery? Don’t we know all we need to know about the air, wind, sky, and earth?” Linda silently chattered all night before the camping trip as she played a fierce video game with Johnny.

Their parents drove the youngsters to the bus stop. Larry, the camp guide instructed them to settle in their seats. They waved goodbye to their parents and the bus took off in a jiffy. They toured for hours through their home state, before reaching a quiet campsite, beside a glorious mountain.

Johnny helped his sisters set up a tent as Jim helped the guys clear a cozy camp area. It was chillier than expected, and the girls were cold. Larry handed a planning guide to each youngster with personal goals for each. Determined to teach the teens about the love of God through trial and effort, he insisted they refrain from complaining while doing his assignments.

Up and Away They Went

During the first day, they set out to climb a superb mountain. Mary voiced her most pressing concern, “It’s hopeless to climb this immense mountain. we'll never make it to the top”

Larry assured Mary, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. If you set your heart to enjoy the mountain view while climbing, you'll be able to reach its top with the help of God, who will give you the stamina to climb. Comforted by Larry’s answer, she peacefully fell asleep without a care. While the others were too eager to rest they marveled who would be the first to reach the mountaintop.

In the early morning, Larry blew a whistle to signal his crew to get ready. The teens promptly packed light bags and huddled together in a corner. Larry led the way as they keenly followed. Jeff wondered how long it would take to reach the top. He hoped he had brought enough food.

A splendid surprise awaited us, when we reached the pinnacle of the mountain.
A splendid surprise awaited us, when we reached the pinnacle of the mountain. | Source

The Crew Grew Tired of Climbing

After five hours of climbing, Johnny affirmed exasperatingly, “This is ludicrous and not worth the hassle. I'm afraid to scale to the top of the mountain.”

Larry overheard his rambling, and ascertained God had not given him a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind. Johnny, for the first time, began to wonder about a great, powerful God, and how he had secretly yearned to know Him. He had not the courage to admit. His stance had altered once he surveyed the awe-inspiring site of the mountains. He laughed and started speaking confidently to his sisters for the first time.

We could not deem the divine hues as we looked over the mountain peak! God was truly present!
We could not deem the divine hues as we looked over the mountain peak! God was truly present! | Source

The Kids Reached the Peak and Boarded a Helicopter.

Strengthened by Johnny’s buoyancy, Mary and Linda too felt the vigor of God nudging their feeble hearts. They listened to Larry’s coaching and echoing resonance in the fresh mountain air. By the sixth hour, they had reached the utmost peak of their home state. Larry alleged they assemble sleeping bags for a peaceful night’s rest. He assured them he had a flamboyant surprise awaiting at daybreak.

They astonishingly awoke to a fluttering helicopter landing on a rocky patch of ground by the other side from whence they slept. They boarded the helicopter to tour the splendid region before landing by the foot of a huge mountain lake.

The enduring camping trip was a breeze and a most relaxing reprieve from their humdrum existence. No one truly missed playing video games, watching the TV, or even chatting on the telephone. Everyone enjoyed each other’s company and appreciated Larry’s wisdom.

The youngsters could not fathom how much they learned about God by simply scrutinizing the camp and mountain backdrop. Moreover, they vowed to obey their parents and to do well in school this year.

Furthermore, Larry advised his young circle of God's promise. If they so desired a heavenly home and to be a child of God, they needed to repent of their sins. Most emphatically they had to participate in a baptism without delay, and he reminded them of the words in Philippians 4:13.

I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me.

— New Testament

© 2012 Sheila Craan


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