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Short Story Ideas

Updated on July 23, 2011

Need a short story idea?

If you're in need of some musing, here are three ideas you can use to create a great short story.

Womb Room

Can you imagine what it would like to be a fetus growing in the womb of it's mother? Think "look who's talking". What if your mind was more conscious and aware then most adults think an unborn babies mind would be.

What would you be doing and thinking about in there?

What would you think about noises you heard, movements that happened or foods your mom ate?

When would you know it was time to come out?


Do you have a cat? What do you think your cat does all day? If you could be an invisible shadow around your cat, where do you imagine that the going during the day or night? What do they think about or do?

You know your furry friend better than anyone, aside from themselves, which means writing a short story about being your cat for a day, could be a very interesting story!

Witchy Investigations

Imagine that you are a police inspector, or maybe an FBI detective, and you've found yourself investigating a rather interesting case... You spend all your time, day and night, following the trail of missing people who all seem to lead to one place... Your investigations lead you to the home of some witches and what you see when you spy on them, are some crazy supernatural events.

Though strangely, you find that the witches you first thought were the source of the disappearances, are actually good and trying to fight the eternal fight against evil. What do you do? Do you expose them as freaks of nature, or do you help them fight the good fight?


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  • fornalina profile image

    Katarzyna Silny 

    7 years ago from Poznan, Poland

    When I'm out of ideas I always peel potatoes. It's weird but it usually gives me one of the best ideas.

  • Eiddwen profile image


    7 years ago from Wales

    So many useful tips and thanks for sharing.

    Take care


  • profile image


    7 years ago

    My husband used to try to get me to swallow some crayons when I was pregnant. He figured Jr was getting bored in there.

  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Lake Stevens

    Thank you for the wonderful comments! I can't wait to read the short stories you write

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    This Hub just jogged a memory of mine from, let me think...1990. My future ex and I had been on a two-day business trip to Washington state and we're returning to our western Montana home. Not sure what prompted it--though it could have been the old Mac Davis TV show where he did something similar with the audience--but more or less out of the blue, I told Sadie (the now-ex) that I bet I could sing an "endless song" using nothing more for subject matter than the landscape we were passing.

    And it worked!

    A similar technique ought to work for short story ideas as well. Let's see..."Overnight Detectives" commercial on TV...Compound W for Warts sitting in the file cubicle to my right...yep. It's working.

    Gotta go write a short story....

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Great ideas. I'm already working in feline thing, and womb concept was brilliant. I'm seriously thinking on. Thanks a lot.


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