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Short Story Ideas III

Updated on July 24, 2011

Walk a mile in someone elses shoes...

Imagine that you've gone to a yard sale and happen to find a pair of shoes that you just can't stop looking at. They don't seem all that special and you can't think of why you want them, but you just do...

So you talk to the yard sale host and find they only cost $1, so you decide the deal is to good to be true. What have you got to lose from a one dollar pair of shoes?

Nothing seems wrong until you get home and try on the shoes. They are just like any other pair of shoes for a while, other than being very comfortable. But then suddenly they start controlling where you walk. It's subtle at first, so you blow it off as just weird, but eventually you can't control where you're going. The shoes have control and they are bent on taking you on the longest journey you've ever been on..

Love both blessed and cursed...

This short story idea might be better from a female perspective, though I could see just the right guy spinning this into the ultimate short story as well. You decide. =)

So here's the idea....

You have always seemed to have had the worst luck in love. Every guy you date or get involved with, always seems to be the right guy at first and turns out to be a really bad guy once you get to know them a bit. It seems that no matter what you do to avoid the bad boys, you always end up with them. Your last romantic whirl wind was the worst, especially since you almost got married to the guy before finding out he was a fugitive on the run...

After that, you pretty much decided to swear off men and love altogether. What was the point with this strange love curse that loomed over you?

It isn't until you run into a guy that makes your heart swoon just by looking at him, that you start rethinking your position. It's an inner battle. Your head says that it's a lose-lose situation, since all the other guys you liked were clearly not "mr. right". Yet your heart put up a pretty good battle, telling you that this guy truly is the one... You wonder if he could be, and find yourself strangely running into him all over the place, even though you aren't trying to.

After a while you finally figure out what the catch is... He just so happens to be a conflicted demon with strange supernatural powers, a crazy family history and evil-doers who are after him. Now you have to decide.... Can you love this demon-with-a-soul and follow him through hell and high water (literally)?... Or should you turn away and run before your life changes in a way that makes it so you can never go back to your old life?....

Keepin it real

There is a high council of spiritual care takers who are responsible for making sure the world doesn't fall apart. They see to it that free will is maintained, magick is kept from destruction and oversee life and death. You've just found yourself one of the newest members of this high council after you die, and now you have to figure out how to make some of the hardest choices.

What sort of crazy antics will humans pose for you to have to deal with? How will you handle these conflicting situations, especially while working with other high council members who insist on treating you like a baby?


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  • profile image


    6 years ago

    thought great story writer dont need help they use there inagination

  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Lake Stevens

    Glad I could help Zoey, lol. Which did you use to write your story?

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    wow i am only 13 and u helped me get an a

  • SubRon7 profile image

    James W. Nelson 

    7 years ago from eastern North Dakota

    BizGenGirl, I only read part of this hub. I like the shoe idea, but now I can't use it. I only use my own ideas, and I have stacks of them. I know, I should have read your hub to the end, but I hope you will write this short story yourself. Again, great idea, of your shoes taking you where they want!


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