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Short Story Ideas V

Updated on July 31, 2011

Lost Long...

You are living a normal life, or whatever normal is for you.... Until one day you find yourself at a strange passe in your life. You find yourself with an estranged sibling who was somehow rescued in the middle of a dessert land and brought back by a rescuer. They leave your sibling with you, with no details or instruction manual, and now you have to teach them about everything they've missed since they were kidnapped at an early age....

You make the baby!

A man and wife are arguing over nothing in particular, when the subject turns to the issue of pregnancy, The women is more than 6 months pregnant, and the man seems to think he could handle all the nonsense of pregnancy much better than his female counterpart, to which she screams at him that she wishes he was carrying the baby.

In a strange and wacky turn of events, when they wake up in the morning, the woman is no longer pregnant, which she's finds strange and emotionally alarming. Though not nearly as alarming as finding out that her man IS pregnant! Just wait till he wakes up and finds out...


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