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Short Story - Love At First Bite

Updated on July 10, 2015

Who Am I?

My name is Cassandra; Cassie for short. I am 25 and I am a vampire. Before you ask; no I don't have 2" fangs, I wasn't turned (I was born this way), I am not the undead, I don't have diamond-like sparkly skin, I can walk in daylight, I don't need talisman, I can be around crosses, I actually like the taste of garlic, I don't go out purposely killing people for their blood and I don't know about holy water. So what makes me a vampire? Well like all superstitions there is an element of truth.

The whole day light thing is a given; although we can walk around in daylight, we prefer not to because we get blisters and migraines - so no bursting into flames. The crosses thing is because we are depicted as creatures of the night and evil so naturally the good humans with faith believed religious symbols would deter us. Garlic on the other hand is more of a personal thing; not everyone wants to be approached with garlic breathe. Sparkly skin is ridiculous, we are paler though (due to avoiding daylight and blisters naturally. Due to low iron levels and lacking in several minerals; having bloody food and other substances does sustain us. Naturally if we were offered blood, we wouldn't say no. Our teeth are sharper than others but at first glance no different from anyone else. I have no idea about stakes or holy water as I haven't encountered them. Nor do I know about immortality or longevity; as far as I know we have the same life expectancy as anyone else.

We do however have a natural ability to learn quickly and be good at most things; including sports and academics. Not because of super strength; although I can only speak for myself; I am stronger than I look but I can't through someone through a wall or be able to run in a blur. We do have a keen sense of smell and taste and have an appetite for intimacy. Not to forget or ability to mesmerise people with our eyes and make people fall in love with us.

Naturally I have met several different "species" all looking like humans; but with subtle differences. I mingle with everyone; have done through school, neighbourhoods and social gatherings. By today's standards a vampire is just considered as a goth who takes things too far. Ok, I have to admit in my younger years I did act up on that stereotype. So in a world filled with humans, vampires, witches, werewolves and wannabe's where do and how do you find love?

In a world filled with novels, movies and myths; how does a supernatural distinguish one another from the humans?

Rockstars of the Supernatural

How I love the media's depiction of vampires; their charm, charisma, powers and sex appeal. Even the most evil ones have a certain je ne sais quoi; attracting victims into their hearts, homes and beds.

Vampires don't have a natural beauty look; we are intensely hot, even if we are not the "prey" type. We are often the ones you know you shouldn't be attracted to, are. It isn't just looks but just by looking into our eyes, you would tremble and have an urge of lust.

Becoming friends with a witch can be eye opening; but it brings great doubt and trouble. They cannot understand your way of life or how humans react around you. How they watch strong, confident men and women act like putty just after one kiss. Their jealously can bring forth; great pain and agony. Their hex's and magic are strong and can influence many things in nature.

I befriended one, once upon a time; it was great until I discovered the gift I had. I choose not to mention her name as it brings misfortune. She was strong and coming into her power; but she envied the world and how people reacted around me.

Centre stage, performing and I could tell that everyone around me were in a trance; it didn't matter what I was doing they were watching. They would be smiling, staring, dancing and after a while the raw energy I was releasing made them excited. So much so they were all over one another. If I hadn't got off stage to kiss the stranger at the bar that had caught my eye; I am certain a ménage would of happened. She was furious and tried profusely the separate us. It worked, we stopped kissing; the flirting and his infatuation didn't stop until I put a stop to it once I got bored or perhaps when she put me off him.

Perhaps she was actively protecting these people; who knows what would of happened if I had attracted other vampires to this place and we all wanted to have a taste.

Witches however, are impervious to a vampire's charm; but are attracted to us. Probably due to curiosity or have a plan to eradicate or control us. All I knew was I had to get away if I were ever to find my mate.

Vampire Tom

I met Tom a few years back and for a while I was convinced it would work. At first I didn't realise that he was a vampire; in face I just thought that he was just another human who acted weird.

As months went on, it wasn't long until we were in his dark room, alone and didn't have much on. In fact he was topless; and up until then we had only been kissing. At one point we were kissing so much I sucked on his tongue; a little too hard and it bruised, then bled a little. I quickly stopped and I thought I had scared him away. Instead he carried on kissing me and started biting me. He went to the bathroom, when he returned on his right hip bone were two cuts. They started bleeding, one drop at a time; slowly going towards his waistband. Without hesitating I lent forward to taste him some more. This time I didn't hold back, he tasted divine and the more I sucked on his hip, the more intense it felt; the more excited I got, as I pulled him in closer.

It wasn't long before we were biting, and tasting each other. No matter where it happened or how much or how far we went; it was always intense. It seemed perfect. Although we connected in that way, we didn't have any other common ground. Not to forget the fact that he was promiscuous and lied to me. Vampires have the inability to stay around for long, we get bored easily and for male vamps; they cannot and will not stay monogamist.

I dated a few more vampires after that in hope that Tom was a one off; I soon learned that this wasn't the case. Luckily we never went past kissing; I never wanted to go further knowing if I tasted them I would want to stay committed. So that's the thing with female vampires, after we have tasted you and the taste is fitting; we build a bond; one monogamist bond and nest. Your blood would have to be intoxicating, not all blood is to our liking. No I don't mean blood type, or diet; it is down to the person.

Tom in my case, tasted divine with a slight after taste; I guess with hindsight, I know that the after taste was a sign that pig wasn't for me.

Connor, The Were

After several years of dating humans it almost became tedious and disheartening. I was beginning to think and believe that I was doomed to live out my days as a frustrated, childless, vampire. That is until I met Connor.

He was Irish; his accent and sense of humour drew me to him. At first I thought that he was just another human, acting cool and playing the part. However, when the time came that we were in bed together; it was extraordinary. I bite him; I drew blood. I tasted him and it was almost instant that my body went into shock and I knew he was the one; right there and then. How could this be? He was a werewolf; we're not supposed to mix.

I must admit I tried to talk myself out of it; but his smell, taste and persona was mesmerizing! I couldn't get enough. I even convinced myself that he would know instantly what I was and kick me out; to my surprise he didn't. Instead he craved more of me. He wasn't the stereotypical werewolf; we've all learned about, and to be honest he was the first one I had met (to my knowledge). He was warm, surprisingly super strong, not overly hairy, protective, has slight anger issues and is very pack orientated.

As he kissed me all over, pulling me in tight; I could feel his warm breathe on my cold skin; it sent shivers down my spine. We were compatible; we clicked straight away and it was as if he was telepathic because he knew exactly what I wanted and did exactly so. He even let me bite, suck and scratch him. Just thinking about it; makes me shake in anticipation. I knew it was love at first bite.

When we established what we were and what we wanted; we developed a relationship, unknown to anyone else of our kind. We weren't stereotypically each other's types, but somehow we came together.

As time went on and my nesting instincts kicked in; the reality of it all came to light, would we be able to breed?

Only time could tell...

© 2015 MFPrincess


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