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A Short Story: The Man From The Moon

Updated on February 25, 2013

Once upon a time a tiny tiny man fell from the Moon. One day he was walking in his Moon gardens and noticed a weird crater. So he crawled inside to explore it but as soon as he hit the ground, a strange force pushed him out deep in the space and straight to the Earth. The man was very small in size in comparison to Earth people but he had an unbelievably big bottom. Well, his bottom looked like a normal bottom but it was incredibly huge and there also was a pair of giant ears sprouting out of it. Since the man himself was very, very small then no-one ever actually noticed the man himself just his bottom. So they thought that he is not a man but a walking bottom. At first the little man didn't realize why they treat him so rudely. His mom and dad looked exactly the same. He found earthen people weird since the people were huge but their bottoms were hilariously tiny.
"Hey mom, look at the walking bottom!"
"Hush! It is not polite to talk so. Oh, damn. A walking bottom!"


"I am not a bottom."
"Oh, damn a walking and speaking bottom."
And the women with her son started laugh out loud so heavily that their intestines fell out of their mouth.
The tiny man sighed. "Poor people", he thought. "They didn't have big enough bottoms to keep their guts inside."


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    • Eranofu profile image

      Eranofu 6 years ago from Europe

      Yes, who would know... :)

    • profile image

      watcher 6 years ago

      Nice history of the tiny man of moon. Who knows...