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Short Story: The Sandcastle

Updated on January 2, 2013

“Would you ever get a tattoo?” I asked plainly.

“Yes,” Julia said with a smile. “I would get a tattoo of your name.”

I laughed a little. She had a beautiful smile full of hope.

“Wouldn’t that be romantic?” she asked sincerely.

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“A couple who are friends with my daddy got tattoo rings for their wedding,”

“That’s cool,” I said as I began to huddle out more sand.

“Baby, keep digging,” I said. Hesitantly Julia dug her soft hands into the sand.

“Oh, isn’t this romantic, Julia?” I mimicked her voice.

“Shut up,” she said teasingly.

I laughed and said, “You thought this was going to be easy didn’t you?”

She blushed and replied, “Well, it seemed so much easier when you were explaining how to build a sandcastle.”

“Do you want to take a break?”

She playfully asked, “How did you know?”

“I guess I just know you well.”

She sat upright looking out into the ocean. It was a clear day and the sun felt just right against my chestnut skin. There was a slight breeze that accompanied the playful splashing of the waves. There was only Julia and I on the beach.

“Julia, can I tell you something very important to me?” I asked earnestly.

“Yes you can tell me anything,” she said sweetly.

“I-I,” My voice began to stir. She scooted closer to me.

“ I-I really love…” I sighed and looked away from her. She gently placed her hand on mine and said, “You can tell me anything. What is it that you love?”

“I’ve never told anyone this.”

“Please tell me,” she said softly.

I placed my hand gently near the center of her back and told her,” I, I mean I really love—your boobies!”

I quickly unraveled the string of her bikini top and darted off across the beach. She screamed out my name and ran after me. I turned my head back. Her large breasts were jiggling all around. “Ryan,” she screamed. I began to laugh and laugh I turned around again and saw her face was turning red chasing after me. I was laughing so recklessly I couldn’t run anymore and I crashed down on my back against the hot sand.

“Oh my God, Ryan,” Julia said as she got close.

Exhausted, she flopped down on top of me. I could feel her stomach as she took deep long breaths and her nipples were erect as the large breasts pressed against my warm chest.

“I can’t believe you did that,” she said softly.

I smiled at her and said, “You know that was fun.”

Julia rubbed her hands gently on my face and over my hair; she smoothly said in my ear, “Do you know what else would be fun right now.”

I didn’t respond except by looking deep into her sparkling blue eyes. Her blonde curly hair glistened under the bright sun. She inched closer to my lips. The air from her short breaths in a way felt perfect. She, now, pressed all of her body against mine.

“You’re a dream,” I said softly before our lips met.

We walked back, holding hands, to our sand castle about an hour later from the time we left it. Only the base had been finished. The sun was beginning to set and there were clouds in the sky now.

“Let’s finish our castle, Julia.”

“Oh why? Let’s just sit and watch the sunset,” she spoke listlessly.

She sat a few feet away from the castle. I sat next to her.

“Babe, why did we come out here today?” I asked.

“To have a good time and enjoy each other.”

“Really? I thought you wanted to build a castle with me.”

“Well I did. I mean I do,” Julia’s words were fumbling around in her mouth as she tried to explain. “Ryan building a castle was a great idea, but you know, I just. I don’t know I just,” she began to fumble her words again.

“Just what, Julia?” I asked with a growing intensity. “But building a castle takes time, work and is a little difficult.

“Ryan don’t do this,” she looked deep into my eyes. “We’re having such a romantic evening. Please put your strong arms around me and hold me tight and let’s watch the sunset together.”

I looked away from her. I saw the waves growing larger on the shores. She reached out to hold my hand. The waves began to make loud crashing sounds against the helpless sand. Hesitantly, I held onto her hand, but she quickly let go and coldly said, “Well if you must build your castle go ahead and build it. You don’t need me to do that.”

I sighed and said, “It’s our castle.”

I had to go back and forth from where we were to the ocean to get water. Julia sat silently, watching beams of the sun’s light fight to get through the now looming gray clouds. The castle was nothing great and it was small and simple. After I finished we collected her towels and umbrellas and my buckets and carried them to my car. I turned on the radio as I drove her home to break the eerie silence that only a few hours before was warm laughter between Julia and I. The radio station was giving a weather report: Tonight it will be around 65 and everybody who is outside find your way indoors, because we are expecting a pretty severe rainstorm for the night. We are supposed to get 5 to 6 inches of rainfall and winds could be up to….

“Well, there goes your sandcastle, Ryan.”

“Yeah, there it goes.”


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