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Short Story - The Tornado Hounds

Updated on December 27, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' picture book author who loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

Storm clouds come and go and sunshine quickly follows.
Storm clouds come and go and sunshine quickly follows. | Source

One sunlit afternoon it became dark and gloomy, and suddenly seemed like it was going to thunder. Alex turned into a news station to hear the latest and saw that every channel was bombarded with warnings of a ferocious tornado heading their way towards the city’s downtown area. He grew dramatically fearful and called his older brother, Tom, to clue him in, on the upcoming storm and to tell him what to do.

After that, Alex quickly alarmed his parents; however, they were not terribly concerned about suffering devastation, since they lived in the country, over fifty miles away from the storm's epicenter.

Tom had an awfully brave nature around Alex, and he had always dreamt of chasing a ferocious tornado. He wanted to see firsthand how it moved about within its centrifugal force. He dangerously dared his little brother to accompany him to the business district to pursue the most eminent tornado of the century.

Tom Challenged His Little Brother to Chase a Tornado

Alex challenged by his brother agreed to go. Nevertheless, he insisted on driving the old family wagon. The excitement was exhilarating for these two boys. Tom grabbed his camera and off they went to hound a ferocious tornado, despite their parents warning them to stay safe at home.

In the meantime, Tom and Alex’s neighbors were dreadfully frighted by the awful storm threatening their region. They desperately needed to feel safer, and more at ease. They locked all their windows and doors shut, and took shelter in their quaint storm cellars in basements until the aggressive storm passed. They had accumulated the most basic things for survival and had enough food, clothes, and water with clean blankets to last for several days.

The Weather Warnings Were Frightening

Once the neighbors heard the wind yelping and howling they ran for safety down below. The weather warnings were more frightening than the actual storm. The townspeople were not going to risk being trapped, crushed or killed in their homes by a violent tornado. So they attended to the weather man's advice and took shelter at once.

As the auspicious Alex drove towards the storm’s epicenter, he noticed the sky getting dimmer and gloomier. It was raining profusely and they could hardly see past their windshield wipers. Tom motivated his younger brother to get closer to the massive tornado that was right in front of them to capture captivating photos. He hoped to have a compelling story to tell his neighbors and planned to sell his fierce weather photos to the local tabloids.

The Massive Tornado Spit in Two

The brothers hoped to be their city's first storm heroes, the ones who dared to drive through a massive tornado storm. They also wanted to be deemed the bravest boys of their region, the brothers who chased a tornado and survived to tell their side of the story.

Unexpectedly, their red wagon jerked from a passing wind, and dread overcame Alex as he saw the massive tornado split in two. The tornadoes repelled each other and one headed towards their helpless car. They felt like they were going to get squished like a ham sandwich from the force!

Alex speedily spun the car around to get away from it and drove as fast as he could! Except, the faster he drove, the quicker the tornado chased them. They were playing Russian roulette with their lives. They were terrified! Swiftly, and abhorrently their car shook from a violent whirlwind!

Tom and Alex Were Stuck in a Ditch

Their car began to spin in loops. It felt like their wagon was suspended in the thin air. Then it landed on top of an immense willow tree that was full of soft flowers. The car rocked back and forth. With the authentic strength of a cold, prickly wind, they sorrowfully crashed headlong into a ditch.

Alex hit his head on the steering wheel and became slightly unconscious, while Tom bawled from a spasm to his left leg. His leg was crushed! Luckily, Tom called for emergency help, and an ambulance quickly came to their rescue.

A large crane needed to raise them out of the old rugged hole. It had to cut open the car’s doors to release them. They were rushed to the nearest city hospital. Tom’s left leg bled a little and he needed a cast, while Alex suffered a concussion from the steering wheel that rendered him unconscious.

The sun always shines following a storm. Remember to stay safe when you sense danger lurking on the horizon!
The sun always shines following a storm. Remember to stay safe when you sense danger lurking on the horizon! | Source

Their Neighborhood Sustained Minor Damage

Alex and Tom’s house sustained minor damage, while the town was in shreds with the city district partially ravaged. Gratefully, the neighbors who regarded the storm tracker's tornado caveats and hid in their storm cellars were not hurt. Though their beautiful homes were destroyed beyond repair they remained safe.

The state major and congressmen organized a fundraiser to rebuild the demolished homes. Not many city-folk suffered from the tornadoes, only the ones who did not stay safe. A few sustained minor cuts and bruises and quickly recuperated.

Alex snapped out of his brain fog within a few days. He dismayed his parents and family and regained his memory and strength quickly with some rehabilitation. Even so, it could have been a lot worst. He vowed to remain safe the next time a storm hit.

Thankfully, the Sun Always Shines After a Storm

Tom and Alex’s pictures were plastered all over the networks detailing their brave encounter with the tornado that rocked the city. The injuries they sustained made them uncomfortable, and they were not ready for so much recognition.

Tom finally realized his life was extremely precious and too frail to waste. He felt dreadful for daring his little brother and realized his dream of chasing a tornado nearly cost his brother’s life. What’s more, his treasured snapshots of the tornadoes spitting were ruined by the flood in the ditch and rendered useless.

For years, Tom suffered from a hellish nightmare, until he learned to come to terms with his daring nature. One day Alex discussed what happened, and his family continued to pray for blessings.

Daredevils Chase a Tornado and Survive the Fierce Winds

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© 2012 Sheila Craan


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