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Short Story: Waves

Updated on October 12, 2014

He moved with the sea, his feet touching the sandy, sometimes rocky floor. He stared far beyond at the forceful waves that beckoned unto him. The unrelenting back and forth motion and the fresh white bubbles made from the clashing of water touched a deep place inside him. His mind began to go far past the waves.

"Why do you have to go so far?," she asked.

"I just need to get away," he said.

"But what about me? I really don't want you to go. I like you a lot."

Hesitantly he said, "I like you a lot too."

"Then why do you have to go?"

"I don't know. I think some people have to find themselves alone and I think I'm just one of those type of people. I just need to find myself alone."

Her green eyes looked downward and her pale face was saddened. He gently put his hand under her cheek and lifted her head so that she was looking directly into his deep brown eyes. In her eyes he could see the tender emotion she was feeling and he began to feel for her. Slowly he leaned in toward her and kissed her thin lips. She placed her hands behind his neck and then began to feel on his brown cheeks.

"James," called out Xavier, a tall tan young man, with baby cheeks. A mixed group of six young people were following Xavier.

"What's up," James said gruffly his body facing away from the waves, but his mind still distant.

"What are you doing?"

"Just watching the waves."

Xavier looked out at the vast ocean and the far off waves rising and falling. James could see he was untouched though.

Laughing hard and smiling wide one girl in the group flung her arms around the boyish looking young man and shouted," I am too short, Xavier. I can barely touch the bottom."

Everyone in the group started laughing. Lissette, a young woman with dark brown skin and curly red hair shouted loudly and passionately,"¡Mira! ¡Mira! ¡Ten cuidado, hay una culebra!" She hurriedly turned around scared of the lengthy creature.

Daniel, a thickly built man with a coarse beard, quickly grabbed into the surface of the water and pulled out Lissette's monster. "¿Es esto lo que tenía miedo?" He asked with pride as the monster that was dangling in his hands was simply a long piece of seaweed. Everyone began to laugh a deep and ebullient laugh at Lissette's fear. "¡Diablo! ¡Te juro que parecía una culebra!" Lissette shouted while laughing at herself. Alessandra, a chubby girl with dirty blonde hair bawled with laughter as she began to imitate the red headed girl.

James was drifting with the water. The group continued laughing and talking jubilantly in a language James did not understand. The collision of two forces of the same nature gradually moving together in opposite directions once again beckoned unto him. His heart was pumping with pace as he looked out at the waves.

"James," Xavier called.


"Come on back with us."

"I will. I just need a little bit more time out here."

Xavier turned and hobbled back to the shore with the others. They sat as a group around a palm tree. James was now the only one in the water. The ocean breeze gently blew on his chest and shaved cheeks. The rest of his body rested underneath the water . A tear broke out from his eye and became one with the ocean's surface as he began his journey back. He took long strokes and deep breaths as he swam out to the waves. The strong movement of the water would take his body under. But he kept calm and kept swimming against the waves.

No one from the group ever saw him again.


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