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Shorthand & Speed Writing Online

Updated on May 12, 2011

Speed Writing on your PC?

I began this evening by searching for articles on Hubpages regarding written shorthand and speed writing and I noticed it was covered quite extensively so I decided my hub was going to be about something rather different and that is options for fast typing methods.

Since I often have a great idea for a hub but it takes me a long time to layout all of the photographs and links I think it would be great if there was some kind of software that allowed me to drag the hyper links straight from the address bar when crediting photographers, the same would apply to tags and keywords as well. I know a lot of people are going to say that is what cut and paste is for but I still find this a time consuming process.

I know the idea of a hub is to be a concise description of a particular subject or service but it would be great if we could have some way of just getting our ideas down via some kind of stenography. With this method I could get the layout and gist of my hub ready and then simply tweak it at a later date, maybe this is a venture for some programming entrepreneur out there.

Photo courtesy of fuyoh

Shorthand for Windows

There are some programs such as Shorthand for Windows, it is a bit like the predictive text option that you get on a mobile phone but Shorthand is an application you start and it waits in the background until you need it. If you are using a word processor, Shorthand will automatically suggest words as you are typing and it would be great if we could have an option to integrate this into our hubs because writing in a Word program first and copying and paste is time consuming as I mentioned before.

I know what a lot of you are thinking already, that this kind of function could have effects on the amount of spam posted on the website but I don't believe it would cause more of a problem. Shorthand for Windows is similar to any other macros found in any kind of text editor and are there simply to reduce the amount of keystrokes per sentence and can be used universally over any typing program or dialog box.

Photo courtesy of doortoriver

Traditional Shorthand
Traditional Shorthand

Shortkeys for Windows

Shortkeys is probably more established that the Shorthand software but it only replaces type with predefined sentences that you have already stored earlier on which means it is primarily designed for people doing repetitive typing. However this could be adapted to writing your hubs since it would allow you to store short sentences of ideas you had and then continue them later on but once again it would have be compatible with Hubpages.

The way Shortkeys allows you to add blocks of text is via the traditional short cut method and you set keys such as 'F10' or the shift button and can paste up to 65,000 characters. There is an explanatory video below for anybody looking to try out this software and Shortkeys Lite is the free download but it was more of a theoretical hub where I explored my ideas about improving the accessibility for serious writers.

I don't like to rush my hubs but I know many people on this site have a tried and tested method for pumping out articles and many of us are in it for the love of writing and to earn simultaneously with large amounts of hubs.

Photo courtesy of heungsub


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